This is how Rescue Squad Mater goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's adventures of A Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales.

[Mater, Lightning McQueen, Ryan and the gang pass Red at the fire and courthouse]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Red.

Crash Bandicoot: So. Mater. Do you think Ryan is in love with Susan? 

Mater: Yep. But besides that, I used to be a fire truck.

Lightning McQueen: What?

Thomas: [intrigued] Really?

Mater: Dad gum right.


Car: FIRE! Someone call Rescue Squad Mater!

[At the fire station, Ryan and friends are with Mater]

Evil Ryan: We look good.

[The bell suddenly rings]

Dispatcher: All units! All units, please respond! Fire in progress at One Two Zero miner Car. Michel way.

Cody Fairbrother: That's the old gasoline and match factory!

Dispatcher: Right you are, Cody! Now get on Mater and go!

Thomas: He's right, let's move out!

Ryan F-Freeman: That line could be really useful in our Moon Mater adventure.

[They head off]

Copper: Copper one, en route.

Trooper: Tropper responding. Where's Mater?

Mater: Right behind you.

[He drives over a ramp]

Mater: Mater One, en route.

[At the building]

Police car: Alright, back it up folks. Put it in reverse pal. Make room for Mater.

[Mater and the others arrive. Mater sprays water from a fire hose on his roof as the gang uses automatic hoses and hoses strapped to their backs]

Dispatcher: Be advicesd, explosive situation. Rescue Squad Mater, we're counting on you.

Ryan F-Freeman: 10 4. We're on it.

[Mater winks at Mia and Tia who are dressed like fire dogs]

Tia and Mia: Go-oo! [giggle]

[Cut back to the present]

Lightning McQueen: Mater, I cannot believe that you are a firetruck. And that our friends were your assistants.

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, McQueen. You remember that. You were there too.

[Cut back to the past. McQueen is seen on the top floor of the building surrounded by flames]

Lightning McQueen: AAAAHH! HELP! HELP!

Crash Bandicoot: Remain calm!

[Mater sprays Lightning. He then raises his ladder]

Ryan Tokisaki: We got you!


[The building explodes. Mater lowers Lightning into an ambulance]

Rianna F-Fiona: Get him to a hospital! Stat! He's overheating!

Ambulance: On my way!

[She drives away. Mater and the gang pose for pictures]

[McQueen is later taken to a hospital operation room]

Female voice: Paging Dr. Ryan and Dr. Mater. Dr. Ryan and Dr. Mater to the OR.

[Mater and Ryan come in dressed as doctors]

Ryan F-Freeman: What is going on, girls?

The Dazzlings: [giggle]

Mater: Now let's have ourselves a little look see.

Lightning McQueen: Ryan? Mater and you are doctors too?

Ryan F-Freeman: That's right, McQueen. Like me, Mater got his MD, his PhD, his STP and his GTO.

[As Ryan talks we see a yellow car with the letter GTO on her side roll up]

GTO: Hey, Doctor.

[Crash close the doors]

Ryan F-Freeman: Clear! [zaps McQueen with magic]

[McQueen screams in pain. In reality]

Lighting McQueen: What happend?

Ryan F-Freeman: I saved your life like Odette and I did to Puffin.

Lightning McQueen: What? No you didn't.

Mater: Did so.

Lightning McQueen: Did not.

[Mater and McQueen argue and a green mist appears]

GTO: [drives past the gang] Hello, doctor.

Mater: Did so. [drives after her]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Negative energy. [closes his eyes and his pendant glows blue]

Adagio Dazzle: Right behind you.

Matau T. Monkey: What is Master Ryan doing?

Jessie Primefan: Absorbing the negative energy.

[Ryan and the Dazzlings absorbs the negative energy into their pendants]

Ryan F-Freeman: Aaww. I can feel the energy inside me.

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