Rescue Squad Thomas is the first episode of Thomas' Tall Tales.


Thomas tells the story of the time he used to be a fire engine.


The story begins on Sodor. Thomas and James pass Flynn and Belle at the Search and Rescue Centre, James saying hello as they pass. Thomas told James that he used to be a fire engine. His time began when there was a fire at the Mainland Steelworks. So, Rescue Squad Thomas quickly moves out to deal with the fire. He uses his water hoses to help him put out the flames and is warned that the building may explode. However, Rescue Squad Thomas isn't worried. James tells Thomas he cannot believe that he was a fire engine. Thomas said he was there as well. And, Thomas is right. James is trapped on the top floor of the Steelworks, screaming for help. Thomas told James to remain calm and squirts him with water to fight back the flames. Thomas then uses his ladder to rescue James as the building exploded. Thomas sends James to the Steamworks to be repaired. Then, once James is at the Steamworks, Thomas came in as a mechanic. He checks James over for any damage. James asks what happened next and Thomas replies that he saved James' life. They argue whether he did or not when an engine like in Thomas' story puffs past and Thomas follows.



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