This is the transcript for Rescue Squad Thomas.

(The story begins at the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre. James and Thomas pass Flynn and Belle)

James: Hi Flynn. Hi Belle.

Thomas: I used to be a fire engine.

James: You were what?

Thomas: It's true.

(Cut to sometime in the past)

Percy: Fire! Someone call Rescue Squad Thomas!

(At the fire station, Thomas admires his reflection in the emergency bell and it rings)

Voice: All units! All units respond! Fire in progress on the Mainland!

Thomas: (Gasps) That's the Steelworks!

Voice: Right you are, Thomas! Now, go!

Butch: Butch One, en route!

Harold: Harold responding! Where's Thomas?

Thomas: Right behind you!

(Thomas leaps over a bump then continues on)

Thomas: Thomas One, en route!

Harold: Alright, back it up, folks! Put it in reverse, pal! Make room for Thomas!

(Thomas arrived and starts spraying water at the flames)

Voice: Be adviced, explosive situation. Rescue Squad Thomas, we're all counting on you!

Thomas: Ten-four, I'm on it.

Emily and Rosie: Go-o! (giggle)

(Cut back to the present)

James: Thomas, I cannot believe that you were a fire engine.

Thomas: Oh, puh-lease, James. You remember what happened. You were there at the time.

(Cut back to the past. We see James on the top floor on the Steelworks)


Thomas: Remain calm!

(He squirts James with water)

(Thomas raises his ladder)

Thomas: I got you!


(The building blows up. Thomas puts James in an ambulance)

Thomas: Get him to the Steamworks and fast! He's overheating!

Rocky: I'm on it!

(He leaves and Thomas poses for Photos. At the steamworks where James is being set on the turntable)

Voice: Paging Mechanic Thomas. Mechanic Thomas to the turntable room.

Thomas: (comes in) Hey, girls. How's it hanging?

Emily and Rosie: (giggle)

Thomas: Now, let's look under the hood.

James: Thomas? You're a mechanic too?

Thomas: That's right, James. I've got everything a mechanic might need. Including a GTO.

GTO: Hi.

(The doors shut)

Thomas: Clear!

(There's a zapping sound and James is heard screaming in pain. Back to the present)

James: Well, what happened?

Thomas: Isn't it obvious? I saved your life.

James: What? No you didn't.

Thomas: Did too.

James: Did not.

Thomas: Did too.

(They continue arguing but just then, the GTO from Thomas' story puffs by)

GTO: Hi, Thomas.

Thomas: (follows her) Did too.

The End

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