They went off to save Vivi from Danger Duck

Ace: Hey! Let Vivi go, Duck!

Duck: A Puppet who has lost it heart to the Heartless. Maybe it holds the key to helping Lexi and the others. How about Ace? Let's join forces to save them! We could do it together.

Ace bring out his Sword

Duck: What? You rather fight me? Over a Puppet that has no heart?

Ace: Heart of no heart. At least, at least he has friends that he cared about.

Duck: Friends that he cared about?

Zidane and Dagger ran off to Vivi

Ace: You might not hear it. But now it's loud and clear, and it's telling that you're on a wrong side.

Duck: Then you leave me no choice.

Dagger: Vivi! Are you alright?

Viiv: Guys. I'm not gonna make it.

And then Ace heal him

Vivi: Oh! Maybe not.

They hug to him and then a Parasite Cage has appeared and Duck has been Teleported and our Heroes is fighting and after that it has been Defeated. And now everything is going to blow.

Daffy: Run!

Ace: Duck! Duck, where are you?!


Duck look at Lexi

Duck: So, Lexi is now a lifeless puppet?

Black Doom: That's right.

Duck: And her heart was...

Black Doom: Taken by the Heartless, of course.

Duck: Well. What can I do?

Black Doom: There are seven maidens of the Purest Heart. We call them the princesses of heart. Gather them together, and a door will open to the heart of all worlds. Within lies untold wisdom. There, you will surely find a way to recover Lexi's Heart. Now, I'll give a gift. The power to control the Heartless.

He give him a Power

Duck: Soon, Lexi. Soon.

Back to our Heroes, they recovered their Ship

Wile: I'm sure hope Vivi and his friends are okay.

Daffy: Yeah, hopefully they landed safely somewhere.

Ace: Duck.

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