This is how Rescue mission goes in Darkness Rising Part 3.

[Bulkhead types in the coordinates and turns on the Groundbridge]

Bulkhead: Wait here. Uh, Rainbow Dash, you're in charge.

[Bulkhead races into the Groundbridge]

[Smokescreen follows]

Rainbow Dash: So. Looks like we've got the run of the place then. Hey! Where are Applejack and Pinkie?

[They look around but they're gone. Meanwhile]

Bulkhead: Celestia?

Smokescreen: Where are ya?

[They see the Nemesis nearby and hide behind a rock]

Applejack: So when are we gonna storm that thing?

Pinkie Pie: Yeah.

Bulkhead: Uh-oh.

Smokescreen: Not good.

[Vehicon turns and spots Pinkie and Applejack]

Applejack: What?

Pinkie Pie: Holy sweet Celestia!

[Vehicon goes to fire but Bulkhead and Smokescreen tackle him]

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