Here is how the Rescue is received by Roz and the CDA in Genesis Park III.

At the beach, Yuna and the group saw Roz and the CDA.

Princess Yuna: It's Roz! Come on!

Roz: It's about time you kids showed up. Here comes the Calvary.

Princess Skyla: The CDA!

Human Twilight Sparkle: We're saved!

The group climb onboard the helicopter, Yuna saw Max.

Princess Yuna: Is he doing alright?

CDA Medic: Don't worry, Princess. He's going to be fine.

Max Goof: Hey, Yuna. I've rescued something that belongs to you.

CDA Medic: Take it easy, Max.

Princess Yuna: That's my crown, I must have left it when we encountered the Pteranodons.

The helicopters took off. Then, The group saw a flock of Pteranodons migrating.

Human Rarity: Where do you suppose they're going?

In the epilogue, in the digging site at Genesis Park.

Larry: (digging new fossils and saw a flock of Pteranodons) Holy Moley! Where did they come from!?

Professor Mosquito Amber: (brought some new Jeeps and Tour Vehicles)

Larry: Professor! The Pteranodons!

Professor Mosquito Amber: It's alright, Larry. Princess Yuna and her friends have brought them from Pangea, So we'll breed our own in the park.

Larry: I'll be dang!

Princess Yuna: (winks at the audience)

                                                                              The End

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