They back here

Kooper: Goombario!

Bow: Goombario! Please, leave him alone!

Bootler: And put him down you bully!

Psychemon: Would to, loved to, but I have some unfinished business with this Mushroom.

Parakoopa: Can you take us instead?

Psychemon: You're not needed. But I'm amazed. I can sence a special heart from that Mushroom. It's so rare for a living creature to be born with this type of heart. But maybe he can help some who lost there's.

Gumdramon: Wait a Minute. Are you talking about Tagiru?

Psychemon: What do you care about him?

He left, they followed him and they found him

Gumdramon: Psychemon, let him go.

Psychemon: I can't. His heart may holds the key to help Tagiru and the others. He already lost his heart to the heart. What do you say, you guys? Let's join forces to saved him. We can work together.

They bring out their power and their weapon

Psychemon: What? Or you rather fight me? Over a Mushroom that doesn't have a heart?

Shoutmon: Listen, heart or no heart. At least he has conscience.

Psychemon: Conscience?

Shoutmon: You might not here it, but right now it's load and clear. And it's telling you're on the wrong side!

Psychemon: Then you leave me, no choice.

Komajiro and Komasan is approaching Goombario

Both: Goombario! Goombario!

Goombario: Komasan. Komajiro... I'm not gonna make it.

Then he began to glow

Goombario: Oh! Maybe I'm Alright.

They are cheering and then a Heartless has appeared then Psychemon has escape, they are fighting it and they defeated it. Then the Toybox is collapsing

Jibanyan: Run!

Shoutmon: Psychemon! Psychemon, where are you!?


Psychemon and his corners is looking at Taiki and his friends laying down and they look sad

Psychemon: So it was true. They were a lifeless puppet?

Myotismon: Yes.

Dracmon: And their hearts are.

Myotismon: Taken by the darkness.

Opposummon: It's there anyway to save them?

Myotismon: There are nine Digidestined Heroes of the purest heart. We call them the princesses of heart. Gather them together, and a door will open to the heart of all worlds. Within lies untold wisdom. There, you will surely find a way to recover Taiki and his friend's Heart. Now, I'll give a gift. The power to control the Heartless.

He give them a Power

Psychemon: Soon, boys. Soon.

Back to our Heroes, they recoverse their plane

Whsiper: I'm sure hope Goombario and his friends are okay

USApyon: Yeah, hopefully they landed safely somewhere, Dani.

Shoutmon: Psychemon.

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