(The ranger truck drives)

Harry: What the...

(The ranger truck stops at the front of the field of lava)

Harry: Great. Just great.

Pooh: Oh bother.

Ash: How will we get through it.

Rachel: Can we drive across there?

Harry: I don't know. I don't know.

Rachel: Kids, why don't you get in the back with our friends?

Graham: Okay. (Graham gets in the back)

Ash: Come on. Get on, Lauren.

Harry: Go on, in the back. Here we go.

Graham: It's okay.

(The truck drives backward)

Harry: Okay. Here we go.

Hunter: Hang on, guys. This is going to be a bumpy ride.

(The truck drives forward before it gets stuck when the tires are on fire)

Lauren: No, Mommy!

Rachel: Harry, we're on fire.

Brock: The tires are on fire!

(The truck stop and is stuck quickly)

Lauren: Mommy?

Harry: Hold on.

Boo Boo: We're stuck in the lava!

(Harry tries to start the truck)

Graham: (pointing at more lava) More lava is coming down the hill!

Cindy: (in Dorothy's voice) Oh, hurrying! Please hurry!

Harry: It's okay.

(Harry tries to start the truck again)

Harry: Come on!

(Harry tries again and again)

(The truck drives strongly)

Harry: Yes, yes! Move, move!

(The truck continues driving)

Graham: There's Roughy!

Rachel: Where?

Graham: (pointing at Roughy) Right there! We have to help her!

Pooh: The Road Rovers will save her!

(Roughy barks)

Colleen: (in Rachel's voice) Roughy!

Harry: We're only going to get one chance at this.

Colleen: (in Rachel's voice) Come on, Roughy. Jump!

(Roughy jumps onto the truck)

Graham: Yes!

Ash: You did it!

Lauren: She did it! Roughy!

Cindy: (smiles) (in Perdita's voice) Oh, thank heavens.

(The trucks drives away)

(One hour later in Dante's Peak)

(The truck still drives and then around the town)

Rachel: Eight years it took us to get this town on its feet. You wouldn't believe the struggle. Look at it.

(The truck still drives)

(It drives to the bridge but it stops, because the bridge is broken by the flood)

Lauren: Our house is gone.

Rachel: There's no other way out of town.

(Rachel turns to look at Harry, looking at the flooded river)

Pooh: Is there something else we can do?

Brock: Why don't we get E.L.F? That will siganal everyone.

Ash: I never thought of that.

(Harry starts the truck to go back where it came from)

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