Here is how rescuing the X-Men and Brotherhood again, Deadpool deciphered the page, and Nighlock gets captured goes in Pooh's Adventures of The Myth of Burton.

(we then see the team training up again before the Red Alert goes of)

Nighlock: What's the trouble boss?

Major Malfunction: The Hellfire Club and the villains have made another move. They've captured the X-Men and Brotherhood. We need to formulate a plan to-(notices Nighlock is gone)-where's Anthony?

(everyone sees the Red Chopper fly past)

Major Malfunction: Five weeks detention for him.

Sunset Shimmer: If we're going, Now's the time.(notices something) Where's Indominus?

(everyone see a black pterodactyl outside going in the same direction)

Major Malfunction: Five weeks detention for her too.

(then Deadpool teleports in and said he had finally deciphered the page)

Deadpool: And it turns out, they plan on declaring war by striking here in a few hours.

(we then see Nighlock sneaking through the vents and sees the Hellfire Club and the Villains)

Malefacent: We are only a few hours away from attacking. Anything we might have forgotten?

Myotismon: Mother, are you sure he will take the bait and fall into our trap?

Malefacent: I am certain of it.

(Before he can catch on, Frost and Selene sensed him and alerted the others)

Sebastian Shaw: Well then.

Selene:(uses her magic to pull him down)

Harry Leland:(intensifies his gravity)

Myotismon and The Grand Duke of Owls:(hold onto him)

Team Rocket:(unscrews two screws that hide something)

Nighlock:(in Buzz Lightyear's voice) No!

Malefacent:(removes the back)

Nighlock: You can't do this!

Iago:(duck tapes the mouth area, which doesn't help)

Nighlock:(in Buzz Lightyear's voice) No! No! Noooooo!

Jafar:(presses the only button there)

Nighlock:(gets shocked and knocked out)

Indominus Rex:(sees this and quietly sneaks in)

(They put him in a cell that will keep him from escaping and leave Frost and Ursula to guard the prisoners)


Hunch:(tending the garden with the owls)

Owl Minion one: !man I am tired of this. When do we head out?

Hunch: The Duke said we have to have patience. So patience we will have.

Indominus Rex:(sees them and throws a rock to distract them away from the door)

Owl minion two: What was that?

Hunch: We better check it out.

(the owls flew off and Indominus went inside, sticking to the shadows)

Indominus Rex(in her mind): I'm coming old friend.

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