Ace saw Tiff, Tuff and Kirby catching some Fish

Ace: Hey, kids. What you doing?

Tuff: Trying to catch some fish. We're doing thise for Kawasaki.

Then Kirby got something

Tiff: Kirby!

They help him and they Gus came out of the Water

Gus: Hey, kids.

Tiff: Gus, what are your doing?

Gus: Could you kids help pull me out? That is, if it's not too much trouble for ya?

They pull him up

Tuff: What are you doing?

Gus: I saw Doron, he swiped a book or something from Bibli's book store, then some low tech clinic stuff from Doc Yabui, then something from Professor Curio's museum! Thought I check it out? Then Chief Bookum's wife, Buttercup said she saw him near the river, but then I was pushed over!

Tiff: You need to be more Careful.

They saw Bookum Chasing Dorin

Bookum: Got ha! Now, tell me where you stash it!

Dorin shrugged it

Bookum: You don't know? Great, we have to find it ourselves.

Tiff: Let's look around.

Meta-Knight appeared

Meta-Knight: Ace, if you want to find it. I'll show you something, you and Kirby have to follow me.

They follow him to the Swing.

Meta-Knight: Here's what to do. First, you push the Swing.

Ace: Like that?

Meta-Knight: Then Push it, when Kirby move.

He swing it

Gumdramon: How's that?

Meta-Knight: Not bad, here's the next step. Push it before he can back to the bottom. If you time it right, Kirby will go higher and higher. Try it! I'll help you with the timing. When I swift my cape. Push to soon, Kirby will stop swinging. Push too late. He'll go too high.

He swing it and Kirby fly to the Bushes

Kirby: Poyo.

Tiff: Kirby! Are you alright, and hey. Are those the Stash that Dorin took?

Gus: It is, and there's my gas tank!

Ace give it back to Yabui, Curio, Bibli and Butttercup

Ace: That's all of them!

Tiff: I wish we could put Dreamland back the way it was, too!

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