This is where Brian and Pazu retrieve Sheeta, Sylveon, and Kevin in Return to Paradise Falls

[they sliently move through the halls but then see Deceptitrain droids ahead]

Brian: [notices an airvent] In the vent.

Pazu: I'll go first.

[he gets in and Brian follows behind]

[they walk down the vents and then come into the room where Sheeta, Kevin, and Sylveon are in]

Pazu: [whispering] Sheeta!

Brian: [whispering] Kevin!

Deceptitrain guard: Hey, did you say something?

Deceptitrain guard; Negative.

Sheeta: [looks up] (whispering) Pazu! Brian!

Deceptitrain Droid: Silence! [looks up and sees nothing]

Pazu: So, what do we do now?

Brian: I got it. Hey guys! 

Deceptitrains: Huh? 

Brian: Who want's the ball?

Deceptitrains: Me, me! I do!

Brian: Then go get it! [throws it down the hall]

Deceptitrain 1: It's mine!

Deceptitrain 2: No, I saw it first!

Deceptitrain 3: I got it!

[they look back and see Brian at the door]

Deceptitrains: Uh oh.

Brian: Suckers! [closes the door]

Deceptitrains: We're in trouble.

Pazu: Hang on! [loads the grenade laucher] Stay back from the door! 

Sheeta: Get back!

Pazu: [fires]

[a hole blasts in the door, big enough for the prisoners to get out]

Sylveon: Brian!

Brian: Sylvy!

[The 2 hugged]

Sheeta: Puza! [races into his arms]

Brian: Come on Kevin, let's get you and your babies home.

[in the cockpit]

Deceptitrain: MUSKA!!! THEY'RE GONE!!!

Muska: Huh, wha?

[all of the Deceptitrains droids are all yelling in the radioes]



Cadance: I can't wait anymore. I must save my filly! [runs in]

Shining Armor: Hey, wait up! You'll need my help, honey! [runs in too]

Vinny: Wait, guys! [groans, then follows them]

[back in the cockpit]

[the Deceptitrains are all still yelling]


[Gun shots]

[he looks outside and sees Cadance and Shining Armor firing at Deceptitrains flying droids]

[then the Hiddengburg and Bench slowly float in front]

Muska: Take them down!


Twilight: What is taking them?!

Peter: Who knows.

[then we hear gun shots inside]

Pinkie: Guys! We've got company!

[outside we see several Deceptitrain flying droids!]

Deceptitrain droid: Fire! [firing]

Rainbow: Looks like we're gonna have to fight!

Mucker: Come on! Follow me! 

[he takes them into another room and insiude are their planes]

Pnkie: Our planes!

Rainbow: Geez, you guys out an airfcraft hanger in here!? You guys think of eveything!

Applejack: Well, let's git flyin'!

[they all hop in their planes and then take off]

[Back inside]

Shining Armor: Skyla?

Cadance: Skyla?

Skyla: Mommy, Daddy!

Cadance: Skyla!

[they race over and find Skyla in a cage]

Shining Armor: Kido!

[Gun shots]

Cadance: Oh no!

[we see 3 Deceptitrain droids come in, (blasters in hand)]

Deceptitrain droid: Don't move!

Shining Armor: [deploys his lightsaber] I'm not letting any droids harm my filly!

[he then he turns off the lights, slices them in the dark]

[the lights come back on and we see the droids split in peices]

Skyla: Whoa.

Cadance: [shoots the lock on the cage and opens the door]

Skyla: Mommy, Daddy.

[they hug]

Shining Armor: Kido.

Cadance: Let's get out of here.

[they leave the room]

[with Brian's group]

Brian: Come on, through here.

[They go through a door]

[but hiding behind it is Muska!]

Muska: [deploys his lightsaber and slowly approaches Brian from the rear]

Brian: [senses something] Huh?

[then Shining Armor, Cadance, and Skyla walk in from the other side]


Brian: [as Rick O'Connel] WHOA!!

[he avoids Muska's swing and then activates his own Saber]

[they clash Lightsabers]

Muska: Any last words, Brian Griffin!?

Brian: [punches his face]

Muska: Gah!

Brian: Not yet! [clashes his saber]

[they continue clashing their sabers at different angles]

Muska: Obi-Wan has thought you well.

Brian: [growls]

[they continue clashing their sabers]


Gail Trent: Zoe, Are you sure this is a good idea?

Zoe Trent: I'm sure, we have to stall the Deceptitrains some how! [they swing from the bench and inisde the cockpit]

[Zoe tires to push a lever but has trouble]

Zoe Trent: Gail, help me out!

[Gail gives her a double push]

[then they push the lever forward, causing the airship to barrel roll]

Zoe Trent: Whoa!

[in the other room, it causes them to tip over and slide]

Brian: Wah!

Kevin: [squaks]

Skyla: Whoa!

[the airship then barrwel rolls to the left]

Brian: Whoa! [numps into a window which opens, but he grabs on the side]

[the airship then returns to straight direction]

Brian: Come on! Up here!

[they climb up a ladder]

[but Muska is on their tail]

Brian: Keep climbing!

Muska: [firing]

Brian: [blocks the shots with his lightsaber]

[back to the air battle]

[the Deceptitrains continue their line of fire at our heroes]

Vinny: That's it! [activates his lightsaber]

[Vinny then slices a few droids]

Vinny: Yah! {he then cuts one's head off]

[Vinny kills all of the other droids and soon goes back outside]

[we return to Brian and the others climbing up the ladder]

Brian: We're almost there.

[then Muska grabs Pazu]

Muska: Gotcha!

Pazu: [starts kiciking his head]

Muska: [loses his grip and then falls, but he grabs one of the lower rung]

[In the air battle]

[there's only 2 Deceptitrain droid aircraft]

Deceptitrain pilot: Prepare to die!

Vinny: [swings his ligthsaber and stabs the pilot]

[then it collides with the other ship making an explosion]

Vinny: Yeah! Yeah!

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