They made back to Hollow Bastion and they saw Heartless

All: (Gasp)

They disappeared 

Ace: Do you think...

Wile: Looks like there are more Heartless here...

They saw Dusk

Daffy: Oh boy.

Ace: I hope our friends is okay.

Wile: I think their at Wiseman's.

They went off and they saw Witch

Lezah: Darn it! I can't get right Potion.

She saw Ace and his friends

Lezah: Hello, boys. Garuru and his friends are in the borough. At their safehouse.

They went off and they saw Zoruru

Ace: (Gasp) Zoruru!

Daffy: What are you doing?

Zoruru: My friend will get him... This time they'll settle it. Him, and the one who embodies all the darkness in him.

Daffy: Boy, I thought you looked kinda different, Zoruru.

Zoruru: If I do, it's his fault.

Ace: Who was it?

Zoruru: Sephiroth. Tell My friend, Cloud, if you see him.

Ace: No Problem. So what does he look like?

Zoruru: He has a Sliver Hair and carried a long sword.

Ace: Alright. Well, be seeing you. Zoruru.

Zoruru: And be careful. If he messes with your mind, makes you think darkness is the only way.

????: Is something wrong, Zoruru?

It was Pururu

Ace: Well... um...

Zoruru: It's nothing.

She giving him a serious look

Zoruru: I don't want you involved.

Pururu: You're saying, you don't want me there when you left again?

Zoruru: I just... Listen, even if I left Planet Keron. I'll come back soon.

Pururu: Are you sure?

Zoruru: Of course.

Pururu: See? You don't look so sure. Well, Alright. I understand. Go- get thing settled.

Zoruru: Huh?

Pururu: No matter where you go... once you find your friend's light... I'm sure it will lead him back here again. Was it?

Zoruru: I think so.

Pururu: So I'll go back to Planet Keron- and I'll wait for you- Okay?

Zoruru: Alright.

He left

Pururu: I wonder if he find his friend, Cloud?

Ace: He will. I'm sure he will find the light for his friend somewhere.

Gwen: You're right.

They went to safehouse

Giroro: Hey, boys- you're just in time. Got some good news for you. So get yourself over to my brother.

Ace: What is the news?

Keroro: We found the computer Mephiles was using!

Daffy: Oh right!

Kururu: Yes. Should be able to get all kinds of information on the Heartless and the Organization.

Ace: And maybe something on the dark realm. Too? It looks like that's where Lexi and my team's are.

Daffy: And Bugs.

Tororo: Go see for yourself.

Taruru: It won't hurt.

Ace: What are you saying?

Taruru: Nothing. Just get to the computer room through the castle postern. Watch your step.

They went to the Castle

?????: Excuse me. Are you with the Keronians?

Then Three Angels appeared

Ace: Um, yes.

????: What's Ben and his friends are doing?

Ace: They said they got stuff to do over by the castle postern.

????? 2: Scoop!

Ace: What?

????? 3: Let's report.

Daffy: To who, ladies?

????: Our leader, of course!

????? 2: Yeah, You know, Black-

They stop her and our Heroes look confused

???? 3: Don't mind her. I assure you, we come in peace.

?????: You're kidding.

????? 3: Problem? Okay, fine. You do the talking?

She disappeared

?????: So sorry about this!

She disappeared 

???? 2: (Chuckle)

She disappeared, and our Heroes look so confused

They went to the Castle

Ace: Garuru! Where are you!?

????: Over here!

They saw Pururu

Ace: You guys found Mephiles's Computer?

Pururu: Yes. Bugs is very interested in it.

Daffy: Bugs?

Pururu: He's with Garuru.

Daffy: All right!

Taz: Yeah!

Wile: We finally found him!

Ace: Um... it's my team with him.

She nodded means no

Ace: (Sigh) Well, at least we found my Grandpa. And that computer might be about to tell us something.

Pururu: Great idea! They're right over there.

They went there to find the Computer, and they didn't know someone is spying on them

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