Here's how Muska returns in Return to Paradise Falls

[we now veiw another airship flying above and then inside we see Muska!]

Muska: [looking around]

General Deceptitrain: What is your command, my league?

Muska: [as Saruman] We have work to do.

General Deceptitrain: Yes sir.

Muska: Soon, she will be under my grasp once more and so will the bird of Paradise Falls! [hears Spongebob's singing] Ah-ha! They're down there! Send some of the troops out!

Spongebob: Paradise falls, Paradise falls, for you and me! [rapping] Paradise Falls... [drum sounds] Paradise Falls... [later, SpongeBob is walking backwards. SpongeBobs pants almost split into two and move up and down silmutaneously while he continues to make drum sounds. Still later] Paradise FAAAAAAAALLLLLLLSSSSS is the place, yeah, for you and, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE......

Peter: [puts a cork in his mouth] Ah! Piece and quiet!

SpongeBob: [spits it out]

Brian: Let's take a break.

Vinny: Good idea.

[Kipper and his friends ties the ropes to the bench on a tree]

Skyla: [walks to the bushes]

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