Return of the Were-Beast is a Halloween special in the "Benny, Leo and Johnny's Adventures" series. It was written by FantasyFilms2011 and Haseo4455, and was uploaded to Deviant Art on September 27, 2012.


Dr. Anton Servarious opens a new lab near the LKHFF studios and continues to further his mutated creations. Using a strand of purple fur, he creates a mutagen formula to turn Benny the Beast back into a were-beast. Johnathan Lionwing attempts to rescue Benny and ends up becoming another were-creature to double the trouble. Now it's up to all three adventure teams, lead by Leo, Johnny and Rae, along with an old ally to catch the were-demons and change them back.


  • Eliza Maza, Talon's older sister, make a cameo in this story.
  • The Madagascar team's attempt to catch the were-beast is based off of the 1937 Mickey, Donald and Goofy cartoon, "Moose Hunters."
  • In the last part of the story, Johnny, mimicking a gag from "Cars 2," mistakes wasabi for pistachio ice-cream.

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