They have return to Acme Acres and they saw Alex the Robot Dog running

Alex: Help! The Sandlot! It's Max! Somebody please! Help us!

Ace: Sound like they need our help!

They went to the Sandlot and they save Max and the gang from the Dusk

Ace: We'll take care of them!

They are fighting and they did it, and then a Black Coated person is looking at them

?????: Well done. By the way, have you seen a bunny named Ken? I know he's here somewhere.

Ace: Don't think so.

?????: You see, Ken's no longer acting in our best interest.

Wile: Is he with the Organization Animal's, too?

???: That's right.

Daffy: You having a fight?

Ace: Not a very organized Organization Animal...

????: Don't let your guard down, Ace. Ken will stop at nothing to turn you into a Heartless.

Ace: You, thanks for looking out for us, Mac. But I'm sure we can take care of ourselves today.

????: Glad to hear that. Ken aside, it would break our feelings to hear something happened to you?

Daffy: Feelings? You don't have one, because you don't have hearts!

????: True we don't have feelings and hearts.

He take off his hood and it was Phil the Duck

Phil: But we remember what it was like. That's what makes us special.

Wile: What are you saying?

A portal appeared

Phil: We know very good how to injured a heart. Ace, keep fighting the Heartless.

Ace: (Whisper) Let's jump in after him.

Daffy: (Whisper) Why?

Ace: (Whisper) Im not sure. But I think we could lead us to his world.

Phil: Don't be such a fool. Do you want to end up like Danger Duck?

Ace: Huh?

He left to the Portal 

Ace: Stop!

The Portal is gone

Ace: What does he mean? End up like Duck?

Max: Hey, you! Why don't you leave this town? Because you cause some troubles.

Ace: Duck.

Daffy: Just leave us alone, Max!

Max: Wait!

Daffy: What now?

He show him the Trophy 

Max: This Trophy goes to the strongest guy in Acme Acres.

Ace: Thanks, but... no thank you.

Max: Just take it!

He give it to Wile and left, then Hamton came

Hamton: Oh, Hi Ace.

Ace: Hamton, was it?

Hamton: Do know a girl named, Lexi.

It make him and his friends shook

Ace: Lexi?! I sure did!

Hamton: Then you have to com to the Station.

They went to the Station

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