They have return to Digital Twilight Town and they saw shard the Hedgehog running

Shard: Help! The Sandlot! It's Gazimon! Somebody please! Help us!

Gumdramon: Sound like they need our help!

They went to the Sandlot and they save Gazimon and the gang from the Dusk

Shoutmon: We'll take care of them!

They are fighting and they did it, and then a Black Coated person is looking at them

?????: Well done. By the way, have you seen a Digimon nnamed Impmon? I know he's here somewhere.

Shoutmon: Don't know.

?????: You see, Impmon's no longer acting in our best interest.

Whisper: Is he with the Organization Digimon's, too?

???: That's right.

Jibanyan: You having a fight, nyan?

Damemon: Not a very organized Organization Digimon..

????: Don't let your guard down, Gumdramon, Shoutmon, Damemon. Impmon will stop at nothing to turn you into a Heartless.

Shoutmon: Really? Thank you. But I'm sure we can take care of ourselves today.

????: Glad to hear that. Impmon aside, it would break our feelings to hear something happened to you?

USApyon Feelings? You don't have one, because you don't have hearts! But only Data, Dani.

????: True we don't have feelings and hearts.

He take off his hood and it was Wizarmon

Wizarmon: But we remember what it was like. That's what makes us special.

Komasan: How come?

A portal appeared

Wizarmon: We know very good how to injured a heart. Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Damemon, keep fighting the Heartless.

Shoutmon: (Whisper) Let's jump in after him.

Jibanyan (Whisper) Why would we, nyan?

Shoutmon: (Whisper) We don't know. But I think we could to go his world.

Wizarmon: Don't be such a naïve. Do you want to end up like Psychemon, Dracmon and Opposummon?

Shoutmon: What?

He left to the Portal 

Damemon: Wait!

The Portal is gone

Gumdramon What does he mean? End up like Psychemon, Dracmon and Opposummon?

Gazimon: Hey, you! Why don't you leave this town? Because you cause some troubles.

Shoutmon: Psychemon.

Damemon: Opposummon.

Gumdramon: Dracmon.

Whisper: You have to leave us alone.

Gazimon: Hold on.

Whisper: What do you want?

He show him the Trophy 

Gazimon This Trophy goes to the strongest Digimon Digital Twilight Town.

Shoutmon: For us? Thank you... But no, we don't need it.

Gazimon: (Sigh)

He give it to Whisper and left, then Gomamon and Tentomon came

Gomamon: Oh, hi there.

Shoutmon: Um... Tentomon and Gomamon, was it?

Tentomon: Do you 7 Kids name, Taiki, Yuu, Taigiru, Ryouma, Ren, Airu, Keita and Inaho?

It make him and his friends shook

Shoutmon: Really!? We sure did!

Tentomon: Then you have to come to the Station.

They went to the Station

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