Here's how returning home and Princess Celestia's surprise goes in Revenge of the Red Diesel.

[a shuttle arrives at Canterlot castle, where Brian, Chris, and Barret are greeted by the rest of our heroes]

Princess Celestia: Are you alright? Me and Sharon were so worried about you...

Barret Barricade: Don't worry, I'm okay.

Princess Celestia: But I'm glad you're back.

Brian: But our troubles aren't over yet, there's new droid commnader named General Skull. And he escaped before he could apprehand him.

Chris: But with the death of Nightmare Moon, and King Sombra, the war will soon come to an end.

Princess Celestia: Even so, we can't let that General Skull guy escape so easy. Besides, I have some important news for everyone in the council.

Brian: What?

Twilight: You'll find out.

[soon everyone is gathered in the main council room]

Princess Celestia: Everyone. I am pregnant!

[everyone gasps in surprise]

Bartret Barricade: Celly, you have another foal?

Princess Celestia: Yes! I do! I had a test did today and it came out positive! We're having another foal!

Brian: Your highness, that's incredible!

Chris: It's amazing!

Pinkie: You know what it calls for? A party!

[soon, everyone is having a celebration over Celestia's new foal as Sharon comes in]

Sharon: I'm gonna have a sister?

Princess Celestia: Yes, you will. You're gonna be a big sister soon.

Sharon: That's great! What do you plan on naming her?

Princess Celestia: Your Father and I will figure it out as we go.

[It then sideswipes to the next scene where Chris arrives at a door and knocks on it, and Sunset Shimmer walks up]

Chris: I'm home, Sunny.

Sunset Shimmer: Chris! [hugs him as Chris hugs her back]