Here's how returning home goes in Vengeance & Rage!.

[a shuttle arrives at Canterlot castle, where Brian, Chris, and Barret are greeted by the rest of our heroes]

Princess Celestia: Are you alright? Sharon, Sunlight, and I were so worried about you...

Barret Barricade: Don't worry, I'm okay.

Princess Celestia: But I'm glad you're back.

Brian: But our troubles aren't over yet, TD-1000 is still Alive. And he escaped before he could apprehend him.

Chris: But with the death of Jessica Shrew, the war will soon come to an end.

Princess Celestia: Even so, we can't let TD-1000 escape so easy.

Buzz: You know, I was starting to worry about you, Kratt.

Kratt: [beeping]

Buzz: Oh, yes. Very much.

[It then sideswipes to the next scene where Chris arrives at a door and knocks on it, and Sunset Shimmer walks up]

Chris: I'm home, Sunny.

Sunset Shimmer: Chris! [hugs him as Chris hugs her back]