Here's how our heroes return home Return to Paradise Falls

[we are now back at Kevin's home]

Kevin's chicks: [clucking]

Brian: Here you guys are, safe and sound back home.

Kevin: [squaking]

Skyla: Good bye, Kevin! And Chicks!

Kevin: [caws]

[they go inside the birth]

[we now fade into the next scene and see the Hiddenburg flying for home]

[inside, we see Pazu and Sheeta getting ready to fly off in the kite-glider]

Brian: We'll see you again.

Pazu: You too.

Skyla; Do you really have to go so soon?

Sheeta: Afriad so, but we will come back again soon.

Skyla: Goodbye.

Pazu: See ya.

[the kite-glider is then released and it flies off into the sky]

Skyla: Bye, you 2!

Brian: Well, let's get back to our home! [turns the ship and now they're on course for home]

[we then go to Pparadise Falls and see the Bench has landed right next to Carl's House]

[then the film ends with "the Up theme" playing]

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