Here's how returning to Canterlot and Brian's duel with Jafar goes in Brian and The Wrath of Jafar.

[soon they reach castle grounds and Nightstriker lands]

Flik: It's quiet, too quiet.

Brian: Sh. [motions the Orcs]

Slim: Orcs. I hate Orcs.

Brian: We need to distract them.

Francis: Well, it's like one of us has to do a hula dance.

[Brian looks at him]

Francis: What?

Brian: You just gave me an idea.

Francis: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

[Then the Orcs hear msuic]


If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat
Eat my buddy Hemlich here because he is a treat
Come on down and dine
On this tasty swine
All you have to do is get in line
Aaaare you achin'
(Yup, yup, yup)
Foooor some bug juice?
(Yup, yup, yup)
Heeee's a big bug
(Yup, yup)
You could be a big bug too.

[Soon the bugs started screaming with the Orcs chasing after them]

Brian: Jasmine, you and Nightstriker stay here. I'm going after Jafar.

Jasmine: Right!

Orc: Hey! What are you doing here?!

Brian: [hands her lightsaber over] Here, you better take this.

Jasmine: [grabs it] Right, I alway wanted to fight Orcs. [activates her lightsaber]

[Brian leaves as Jasmine and Nightstriker kill the Orcs]

[The the bugs come up and knocked over some Orcs and joined the fight]

[but as Brian goes through the castle, he is shocked to find no one is around]

Brian: Where is everyone? Yuna! Hiccup! Princess! Anyone? Sylveon!

Sylveon: [faintly] Brian!

Brian: [quietly] Sylveon! [runs to the throne]

Sylveon: [faintly] Brian! Help me!

Brian: I'm coming!

[then he races into the throneroom and is shocked. We see Sylveon in a bird cage]

Brian; Sylveon! Oh, my God! what happened?! Where are you in a birdcage!?

Sylveon: [crying] Please, help me!

Brian: Hang on, I'm coming!

[However, a barrier struck him]

Brian: What the?! [tries again but hits the barrier] What is this?!

Jafar: My barrier.

Brian: [looks back and sees Jafar walking up] Jafar.

Jafar: So nice to you, alive.

Brian: Where is everyone?!

Jafar: [used his snakestaff to create vision spheres] The Royals are deep in the depts of Tartarus, while everyone else is in the frozen hills of the Himalayas,

Brian: [gasp] No, no. (as Luke skywalker) NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jafar: Yes!

Brian: [growls] So, what is to become of Sylveon?

Jafar: She will become my queen.

Brian: Oh, you just signed your death wish! [activates his lightsaber]

Jafar: Alright, a duel it is then. [he then turns his snakestaff over and deploys a red lightsaber blade withen it]

[The 2 clash in diffrent angles]

Brian: Die, you cure!

Jafar: Your anger.... it is good.

Brian: Silence!

[they clash their sabers]

[Then Jafar shoots ligthning]

Brian: [blocks each shot with his lightsaber and then he returns fire at Jafar]

[They combine their powers which triggers an explosion sending them both flying back into oppsite sides]

[outside Jasmine, Nightstriker, and the bugs watch]

Flik: Look at that!

Nightstriker: [growls in stock]

[inside we see Jafar and Brian slowly get back up]

Jafar: (deactivates his lightsbaer) [as Tirek (in his way)] It appears we are at a impass. How about a trade, Brian?

Brian: [deactivates his lightsaber] What is it?

Jafar: [snaps his fingers for Sylveon] Sylveon's release, for your lightsaber, and the lamp.

Sylveon: No, Brian! Don't do it! That man is crazy! I'm not worth the whole world!

Jafar: [slams his staff] SILENCE!!!

Brian: [as Sam Witwickey] Stop! Stop!

Jafar: So what will it be Brian Griffin?

Brian: I'll give you my lightsaber, and the lamp. [as Cade Yeager] Just let her go!

Jafar: Deal! [he raises his snakestaff and Sylveon is released]

Brian: [hands him his lightsaber and the Lamp with the Force]

Jafar: YES!!! [he then transforms to his genie form] [as Tirek] YES!!!!! GRAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

[Jasmine, Nightstriker, and the bugs race in as Jafar leaves]

Sylveon: [crying] Brian!

[she races into his arms]

Brian: [shedding a few tears] I'm sorry.

Sylveon: Brian, what were you thinking?!

Francis: Yeah, you let him get the lamp!

Brian: [shedding tears] I couldn't lose you, Sylveon. I couldn't lose you to that Sith Lord!

Sylveon: You did it for me?

Brian: And our child. [puts his hand on her pregnant belly]

Sylveon: [tears up] Brian.

[they hug each other again]

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