Here is how Princess Yuna and her groups returned the Raptor Eggs in Genesis Park III.

The group was about reach, When the Velociraptor Pack came.

Velociraptor: (growls and surround the group)

Princess Yuna: (taming the raptors) Halt! We came to return your eggs.

Human Rarity: What?!

Princess Yuna: Just give them back their eggs!

Human Rarity had no choice but to return the eggs.

Velociraptor: (sniffing Human Rarity's hair and it smells like flowers)

Human Rarity: Just take the eggs! Don't hurt me! I'm not ready to die!

Yuna took the raptor call and begins to communicate with the raptors.

Princess Yuna: (blowing the raptor call; translate to take their eggs and leave)

Velociraptor: (replied with agreement)

Just then, the group heard some choppers and the Velociraptors took their eggs.

Princess Yuna: Come on!

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