This is how Returning to Equestria goes in The Great Equestria Girls Adventure.

[Sunset hugs Twilight]

Twilight Sparkle: You'll look out for him, won't you?

Sunset Shimmer: Of course we will.

Rarity (EG): Although I do expect some sort of apology for last spring's debacle.

[Vice Principal Luna hands Umarak a trowel while Snails and Snips bring some bricks in a wheelbarrow]

Twilight Sparkle: I have a feeling he'll be handing out a lot of apologies.

Spike: We better get going.

Twilight Sparkle: I know we've only been friends for a short time, but I'm gonna miss all of you so much. [sigh]

Optimus Prime: Well, time to go.

Tahu: Yeah.

[They head to the portal]

Spike: That crown really does suit you, Princess Twilight.

Twilight Sparkle: You know what, Spike? I am starting to feel a little more comfortable wearing it.

Spike: And the wings?

Twilight Sparkle: I've been walking on two legs and picking things up with these! [shows him her hands] Wings? I'm thrilled that's all I'll be dealing with back in Equestria!

Optimus Prime: You got that right.

Tahu: Yep.

[The moon reaches its peak as they enter and the other girls' pony ears, wings, and longer hair disapppear. Pinkie tries to follow only to smack into a hard surface]

Pinkie Pie (EG): Oh, bummer!

[Back in Equestria, Twilight's Friends, the other Autobots, and the Toa wait with the Princesses until Twilight, Optimus, and Tahu emerge from the portal, Twilight now back in her pony form]

Fluttershy: Twilight!

Ratchet: Optimus!

Kopaka: Tahu!

[They share a hug]

Rainbow Dash: Ah, you're back!

Arcee: Glad to see you!

Gali: Good to have you back!

Rarity: You've got your crown!

Bumblebee: Welcome back!

Pohatu: How've you been?

Pinkie Pie: We knew you could do it!

Smokescreen: We missed you.

Lewa: How'd it go?

Applejack: Oh, we were so worried.

Bulkhead: Thought you'd never make it.

Onua: I am so relieved.

Princess Celestia: Umarak. Is he okay?

Twilight Sparkle: No need to worry.

Optimus Prime: I am certain he is in good hands.

Tahu: I second that.

[Rainbow Dash and Rarity look at each other]

Rainbow Dash: What are hands?


Fluttershy: Where did you stay?

Ratchet: Was there a medic?

Kopaka: Was the scenery nice?

Rarity: What did they wear?

Bumblebee: What did they do?

Pohatu: What did they use as weapons?

Pinkie Pie: Did ya have fun?

Smokescreen: Did you pull any pranks?

Lewa: Did you meet any Mask Makers?

Applejack: What'd ya eat?

Bulkhead: What'd you listen to?

Onua: What'd you see?

Rainbow Dash: Would ya say she's just as awesome as me?

Arcee: Would ya believe she has a motorcycle based on my vehicle mode?

Gali: Would you believe she awesome weapon weilding skills.

Twilight Sparkle: [sighs] We want to tell you everything. We do.

Optimus Prime: Yeah.

Tahu: But we're tired from all the dancing and building.

Rainbow Dash, Arcee, Gali, Pinkie Pie, Smokescreen, Lewa, Applejack, Bulkhead, Onua, Fluttershy, Ratchet, Kopaka, Rarity, Bumblebee, Pohatu, and Princess Cadance: Dancing and building?!

[Twilight bumps into Flash Sentry]

Flash Sentry: We've got to stop bumping into each other like this.

[He walks away]

Twilight Sparkle: Who's that?

Optimus Prime: Cadance, can you identify him?

Tahu: Who is this fine warrior?

Princess Cadance: He's a new member of the castle guard. Flash Sentry, I think. Why? Do you know him?

Twilight Sparkle: [blushes] Well, not really.

Optimus Prime: Twilight, I know by that embarrassed look, you have a crush on him.

Tahu: I presume you are in love.

Applejack: Somepony's got a crush on the new guy.

Bulkhead: That embrassed look has it written all over it.

Onua: Yep.

Twilight Sparkle: What?! No I don't.

Optimus Prime: Oh, come on. Admit it.

Tahu: I can actually tell you do.

Rarity: [gasp] She does. She really really does.

Bumblebee: We can see it on your face.

Pohatu: Yep. It's right there.

Twilight Sparkle: Don't be ridiculous.

Optimus Prime: Twilight.

Tahu: Well, you may not know him yet but he just seems to...

Pinkie Pie: Remind Twilight of a guy she met in the other world who was in a band and helped proved you didn't destroy the equipment for the invention contest. Then he helped fix the gym for the contest and asked her to work with him with him at that contest. Right?

Smokescreen: Yep.

Lewa: That is correct.

Twilight Sparkle: How did you know that?

Optimus Prime: Yeah.

Tahu: She may have been observing.

Pinkie Pie: Just a hunch.

Smokescreen: Pinkster.

Lewa: Honestly. Why do you hang with her?

[We zoom outside as the end credits roll]


Something evil's watching over you

Coming from the sky above

And there's nothing you can do

Prepare to strike

There'll be no place to run

When your caught within the grip

Of the evil Unicron


More Than Meets The Eye


Robots in Disguise

Strong enough to break the bravest heart

So we have to pull together

We can't stay worlds apart

To stand divided we will surely fall

Until our darkest hour

When the light will save us all


More Than Meets The Eye


Robots in Disguise


Autobots wage their Battle

To destroy the evil forces

Of the Decepticons



It's judgement day and now we've made our stand

And for now the powers of darkness

Have been driven from our land

The Battle's over but the war has just begun

And this way it will remain til the day when all are one





More Than Meets The Eye


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