Here is how Returning to the Visitor Center and and Killer Shrews Searching for their next meal goes in Genesis Park.

Later that day, in the Visitor Center.

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: You two wait here, We're gonna go get your parents and grandpa.

Moon Starlight: Stay there!

Jim: Okay.

Alexis: Emmet! Guys! What're you all doing here?

Emmet: We've been looking everywhere for... Jim, What happen to your hooves?

Jim: It's a long story.

Emmet: Well, At least you two are safe.

Good Cop: We've got dessert ready!

Bad Cop: But don't eat too much!

Uni-Kitty: Yum!

Meanwhile, Yuna and her friends warned the others.

Princess Yuna: Princess Twilight! There's trouble!

Snowdrop: Sarousch send the and the Killer Shrews after Alexis and Jim!

Twilight Sparkle: Oh no!

Ellie: They're in trouble!

Raptor Claw: Oh dear.

Larry: We must do something!

Shining Armor: But how!?

Dusty Crophopper: Yuna, What's your plan?

Princess Yuna: (Yuna begins to think)

Meanwhile, Alexis, Jim, Emmet and their friends enjoyed desserts.

Jim: (eating pumpkin pie)

Alexis: (stopped eating staring)

Wyldstyle: Alexis, What's wrong?

Alexis: (points at a shadow)

Jim: Hide!

Emmet: Right Behind You!

In the kitchen.

Bad Cop: Get Down and Stay Down!

President Business: I have a bad feeling about this!

Alexis: Me too!

Then, The and the Killer Shrews started searching for their prey.

Alexis: What is those?

Benny the Spaceman: Those are the Rodents of Unusual Size and the Killer Shrews.

Jim: They're deferentially not prehistoric.

Killer Shrew: (sniffing for their preys) (searching for their meal)

Alexis: (whispers) Come on.

Jim: (shakes his head)

Emmet: (whispers) What're you doing!?

Benny the Spaceman: (whispers) I think he's got a plan.

Alexis: (whispers) This is ridiculous!

Jim: (whistles) Hey! Over Here, You Big Rodent Freaks!

Killer Shrew: (shrieking and chasing Jim)

Jim: (led them to the freezer)

R.O.U.S.: (growls as they and the killer shrews slipped inside the freezer)

Jim: (locked the monsters up) Come on!

Alexis: We're Coming!

Alexis, Jim, Emmet and his friends ran to the others as the other Killer Shrews and spotted them.

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