They made it to the Martial Pokemon Tournament

Komajiro: Never change a bit.

Then Ash came out of the Tournament and saw he's friend

Ash: Gumdramon? Shoutmon? Damemon? Jibanyan? USApyon? Whisper? Komasan? Komajiro? You guys are here?

Gumdramon We are!

Shoutmon: Great to see you again

Damemon: Hi!

Ash: Having many Adventures to make some friends?

Gumdramon: That's right.

Ash: A True hero always busy.

Gumdramon: You know it!

They went to the Lobby 

Ash: Did you find your friends?

Gumdramon: Still working on it. And even though we ran into Misty. She's in big trouble, I mean! So we had to help somebody out. We tried to go teach Team Rockets a thing or two... but that place is drain ing away all our powers. Don't you suppose you have any ideas?

Ash: There is a stone that guards against the Team Rockets Machine. The stone use it whatever it have to go down there.

Gumdramon Think we could use it?

Brock: Of course it will! I'll go get it in a minute.

Jibanyan: Thanks.

Komasan: You're so kind.

Ash: But Giovann no pushover, even if you've got the Pokemon stone. And I have a match today, so I can't go with you... Know what you need? Training! Why don't you go talk to Professor Oak.

Gumdramon: Hey, good Idea! 

They went to see him

Professor Oak: Ah! Ash, you finally here. You and your Pokemon need to rest up for tomorrow. Nobody's gonna pay to see a worn-out hero... okay? Remember what I told you. Victory is the game comes down with the words. Catch them all.

They Laugh, and Professor Oak turned back and he looks happy

Oak: Hey! If it ain't the Junior Hero!

Gumdramon: How are you doing, Oak?

Professor Oak: I'm fine, of course. And look at you, taller for 2 Years. And have you earned your "true hero" yet?

They don't know

Oak: No, you ain't got what it takes. So, what's going on?

They explain what happen

Professor Oak: Let me get this straight. You think you could take on Team Rocket? That's very amusing.

USApyon: That was funny.

Oak: You got so nerve. I like that. Hey, you never know- stranger things have happened, right? Better get ready, boys!

They are doing their training and they finish it

Gumdramon: How was THAT?

Oak: it's not over, Kid! There's more on the list. You can relax once you've finished ALL the training.

Gumdramon: Alright!

He is doing his Training and he did it, Then Brock came

Oak: Listen, I better go.

Damemon: Where to?

Oak: Can't tell you.

He left 

Brock: Sorry, you guys... The Stone has been stolen.

All: What!

Shoutmon: By who?

Ash: We don't know who did it yet. All we're sure of is that it was a guy in a black-hooden cloak. And he has accomplices- a bunch of creatures in white.

They know who it was

Brock: Did you know someone?

Gumdramon n I guess. Hey, if we can get the Pokemon stone back. Can we borrow it for a while?

Ash: Sure. And haven't you seen Misty around, have you?

The nodded means no

Ash: Oh, okay...

Then Giovanni appeared

Giovanni: What's wrong, little guy? Feeling down for yourself? You know, I though staying in perfect shape was part of the hero job description.. you know what I'm saying?

Shoutmon: Oh right. Giovanni! We need to talk

He push him

Giovanni: I came to share a bit of mildly interesting news: Seem your dear, friend, Misty... went and got herself lost in the Team Rockets Lair.

Ash: You saying you Kidnap her!

Giovanni: Well, I guess... But why get caught up in the Details?

Then they are going to leave

Giovanni: Wait a moment! You can't leave, Ash. You've got a very important match today. Against, um... The Legendary Titans! I mean, if you don't stick around, who knows what kind of "accidents" might happen?

Ash: What? But my Pokemon can't fight them.

Giovanni: Looks like you're no match for them.

Shoutmon: Really, like you did.

Giovanni: Like I said: details, who needs them?

Ash: You're just a little nervous!

Giovanni: Oh well, can't all be Heroes!

He disappeared 

Ash: Can you guys handle this?

USApyon: Of course! We're Heroes, Dani!

Komasan: Junior Heroes.

Gumdramon: You take care of Legendary Pokemon. We'll handle the rest.

Ash: I'm counting on you.

They left to the Underground 

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