They saw Zelda

Shoutmon: Zelda.

Zelda: Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Damemon, Jibanyan, USApyon, Komasan, Komajiro, Whisper.

Whisper: It's great to see you, your majesty.

Zelda: I never have a chance to thank you for 3 Years. You helped Link defeat Ganondorf and saved Hyrule.

Shoutmon: All in the day's work. But, um... it looks like the Heartless are up to no good again. It's there any way we can help out?

Zelda: I think we're all right for now.

Damemon: You always have Link.

Zelda: Link.... he has been himself.

USApyon: Why? It's because of the Heartless?

Zelda: I don't know. Usually, he's the same cheerful, Forest Boy But sometimes... He got so sad. He left Hyrule and goes off by himself all the time. I've asked him about it, but he say nothing's wrong. He's gone again today. What if he doesn't come back this time?

Koume Hmm! Maybe they got a secret Girlfriends!

Zelda: Koume! Kotake! Shoutmon, I'll alert the Gaurds!

She left to the Castle

Shoutmon: Zelda! Wait! Way a go, ladies.

Komasan: Oh, well, now we have to find Link now

They went off and they saw him chasing his horse

Link: Hi, Shoutmon!

Happy Salesman: You need to keep you're horse away from my sales!

Link: I'm Terribly, sorry. Epona, you should be ashamed of yourself.

He give back the Ocarina to the Happy Salesman

Happy Salesman: Now, get out of my sight!

He left and then our Heroes have arrived

Link: Hey, you guys. Sorry. I'm kinda in a hurry.

Gumdramon: What happen?

Link: Epona just stole something from that guy. And you should control yourself.

They laugh

Damemon: I guess you can't be THAT down in the dumps, huh?

Link: Who said I am?

Shoutmon: Zelda. She was worried because you always left the Hyrule.

Jibanyan: Got some Girlfriends, nyan?

Link: What? No! Still... I guess there's not fooling Zelda, right? See, Navi took off to see around the world. It's what Navi always wanted, so I wished her the best and all, but...

Shoutmon You really missed that Fairy? Man, things must be REALLY quite with Navi gone.

Link: Of course. That's why we come here. Find some Rubees Meeting people's.... There's always something goin' on.: I mean, come on! I met you guys here today, right? This place is full of surprises.

Komasan: Uh, guys?

Link: Koume and Kotake!?

Shoutmon: Oh, yeah... They wants to apologize for all the trouble they caused.

Link: Are they?

Komajiro: They're so sorry, they're shaking!

Koume: That Ocarina!

Link: Why that's?

Kotake: Don't you Realize?! That Ocarina was the one Ganondorf in it!

Link: Come on. There are many Ocarina like that.

Koume: Look, boy! Ganondorf wasas locked in that thing FOR YEARS! There's no way we'd mistake it!

Link: Then we'd better go back and talk to that him.

Shoutmon: Right behind you.

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