???: Hello, is anyone here?

It was Luigi

Luigi: Where is everyone, I'm all alone. Mario, Mario!! Where are you!? It's me, Luigi.

Then he saw Gumdramon and run away, because he was scared and Gumdramon ran off to him

Luigi: Ah! Mama-mai! Please, don't hurt me. I'm so sorry.

Gumdramon: Don't be afraid, you're looking for Mario are you?

Luigi: You know my brother? Phew! Oh, I forgot, I got something for Mario, right now. I have to give something to him.

He saw his brother

Luigi: Mario!

He ran off and Mario smell Something

Mario: Wow, it's smell so delicious. Like Spaghetti!

Luigi: Mario!

He saw Luigi

Mario: Luigi, it's great to see you.

Luigi: Of course, it's great to see you too. I thought you never come back. I brought some for you.

He give propeller Mushroom

Mario: Thank you, Luigi. That it's just what I need. To get some Spaghetti.

Luigi: Really how?

Mario: All I need to do, is to use this Mushrooms and fly up to get some Spaghetti.

Luigi: If you're trying to get some Spaghetti, but what if Bowser's Goon find you?

Mario: Oh, I have no idea.

Gumdramon walk to them

Mario: If you could only leave those guys alone from me. I quite certain I can get some Spaghetti. Would you help me get some Spaghetti.

Gumdramon: Yeah.

Then Toadsworth appeared

Mario: Oh, Hello, Toadsworth.

Toadsworth: Good day, Mario. What are you doing? Using that Mushroom to get some Spaghetti? That's brilliant! Allow me to offer a few pointers.

He's gonna help him

Toadsworth: When! Now, Mario can get some Spaghetti by floating up the tree with the Mushroom. The Spaghetti is inside the three hollows, not Bowser's Minions you see here.

He look at the hole

Toadsworth: That's quite a lot of Spaghetti in these holes. If Mario get so close, Bowser's Minions will come out and fight Mario. If they get to Mario, they'll remove he's power up. Lock onto to Bowser's Minions and scared them away. The more time Mario has at each Hollow, the more Spaghetti he can eat. There's more Spaghetti higher up, too. If jumping from beaches to branch proves difficult try rushing it. You should rush and catch up to mario quickly. But it isn't fully reliable. Good Luck.

Gumdramon is helping Mario, and they finally did it and Mario is eating the Spaghetti

Mario: The Spaghetti is taste funny. But, I really like to have some of those.

He is eating it

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