Here's when the others reunte with Pazu and Sheeta in Return to Paradise Falls and the storm as well.

[the 2 aircraft are making good time when Mako notices something]

Mako: AAH!! (looking out the window) Forgein object approaching on the starboard side!

[everyone races over to the left side to look]

Mako: No, the Starboard side!

Rachel: Which side is Starboard on the airship?

Mako: This side!

[they all run to the right side and look]

Rainbow: No way!

[we see a kite/basket]

Gordon: Oh. It's just a kite/basket.

???: Gordon?

Brian: I know that voice.

[the kite/basket then flies along side of the Hiddenburg and we see Pazu and Sheeta]

Edward: Sheeta! Pazu!

James: [gasps]

Brian: What are you guys doing here?

Pazu: We decied to give you guys a visit.

Sheeta: May we come in?

Steam Mech: [hits the open button for the entry hatch] Yeah.

[the hatch opens as the kite glider flies behind it]

Skyla: Wow.

Brian: [helps them into the cabin] Hold on.

[after he helps pull the glider into the cabin, they hop out]

Kipper: Look, the others have guests.

Tiger: Sheeta and Pazu!

Pig: Wow! Arnold we didn't saw them since Laputa.

Arnold: Laputa!

[inside the Hiddenburg]

Pazu: Hey, is Kipper here?

Percy: Yeah, he and the others are flying along side on a bench.

Kipper: Hey, down there!

[they gently lift back down and Kipper and his friends hop off]

Kipper: Hey, Pazu and Sheeta.

Pazu: Hello, guys.

Tiger: Long time no see.

Sheeta: Yes, It has been a long time.

Pig: Well, it's good to see you again. And I'm glad Muska isn't here too.

Brian: Don't bring that up. 

Pig: Sorry.

Pazu: So, where is this ship heading to?

Mucker: Paradise Falls, South America. Cadance wanted to show her daughter a bird that lives there.

Brian: That's right.

Pazu: Daughter?

Sheeta: Are you saying, Cadance is a mother now?

Cadance: Yes.

Skyla: Um, Hello.

Sheeta: How cute.

Pazu: Nice to meet you. I'm Pazu.

Skyla: I'm Skyla.

Sheeta: My name's Sheeta.

Skyla: Sheeta, what a nice name.

Sheeta: Thank you.

Pazu: Paradise Falls? I think I've heard of that place once.

Brian: Really?

Pazu: Yeah, but I can't remember where.

Kipper: Sure you'll remember once we arrive. [sits back on the bench]

[the bench then continues floating alongside the airship]

[Then wind blows at them]

Tiger: Um, am I imagining things or is the wind picking up?

[then dark clouds move in]

Mako: Hey, there's some dark clouds approaching.

[then thunder cracks]

Brian: Whoa!

[they look forward and see the dark clouds are starting to form into a giant one]

Kipper: Hold on!

Henry: We're headed for an intense storm!

[The Hilddenburg is shaking around]

Spongebob: [tries to turn the ship away from the storm]

[but the airship is too big to turn fast enough then Kipper then tries to turn the bench around but the wind's too strong.]

Kipper: WHOA!!!

'Tiger:' AAAH!! I DON'T LIKE THIS!!!

Pig: Hold on, Arnold!

[in the Hiddenburg]

Brian: Whoa! Quick tie down anything loose!

[everyone starts to tie down everything and then Thunder cracks again]


[the 2 aircraft are flying around and around as the storm continues and thunder cracks, and then it goes black]

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