Here's how Snowdrop reunites with Primrose, the journey home, and the happy ending goes in Snowdrop's Grand Adventure: The Search for Primrose

[Snowdrop then feels something behind her]

Primrose: [spirit] Hello, my little foal.

Snowdrop: Mother!

[they embrace]

Snowdrop: I missed you!

Primrose: So did I.

[Later they come outisde]

Snowdrop: And we looked and looked but we...

Astrid: [looks back] Huh?

Hiccup: Wasn't that [the camera zooms out and we see Doom is smaller than it looked before] bigger?

Skyla: Yeah, and a lot scarier?

Fishlegs: And where's that invisible man?

Snowdrop: I defeated him in battle and it's not a man, it was some kind of an alien, wearing a cloaking suit and a mask.

Ruffnut: So, what do we call it?

Tuffnut: How about "the hunter!"

Button Mash: No! We'll call it "A Predator!"

Snoutlout: Good one!

Hiccup: But what Doom? Why is it different than it appeared before?

Primrose: Well things can seem scary when you're a lone and afriad.

Yuna: What matters? Let's go home.

Penny Ling: Yeah, I've had enough adventure for a one day.

[Soon it was dark by the time they got back home]

Snowdrop: [yawns]

Primrose: You're tired.

Snowdrop: I wasn't that tired.

Primrose: But you have hada long day, and you even took on a Predator.

Snowdrop: True.

Primrose: Come on, little pegasus must get their sleep.

Snowdrop: [yawns]

[Snowdrop then goes to her bed]

Primrose: Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: Yes?

Primrose: When you weren't there. I cried for 7 minutes. I was really worried for you.

Snowdrop: Oh, I'm sorry Mother.

Primrose: It's alright, what matters now, is that you're safe.

Snowdrop: Mother, what was this "Desk" like?

Primrose: Oh, it was nice. But you must be getting tired.

Snowdrop: [yawns] Can you sing me that lullaby?

Primrose: What lullaby?

Snowdrop: The one when I was a baby.

Primrose: Why sure.

Little filly
bright and brave
feel the morning
warmth upon your face
brings a new day
Keep your head up
Chase your doubts away


Filly of frozen tears
Can't you see the
world has so much cheer
For you
My little one
Stand tall now
Keep your spirits high
And listen to
the stars' lullaby
Into the gentle breeze
And make a wish
to ring through the centuries

(repeat chorus)

Filly of frozen tears
Can't you see the
world has so much cheer
For you
My little one

[Soon she fades away with Snowdrop sleeping silently, and the film ends with "Wherever your Are (end credit version)"]

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