Here's how the team reunite with their parents and Snowdrop kills the Predator in Snowdrop's Grand Adventure: The Search for Primrose.

[Soon our heroes manage to get to the top with the branch]

[Then there was footsteps and a shadow approaching]

Skyla: This is it! It's! It's! It's! Its....

[we see that it's the Mane 6, The engines, Brian, the Eeveelutions, Zecora, Green Bills, and the royals]

Skyla: Thomas, the others, and our parents?

Yuna: Mama! Papa!

Skyla: Mommy! Daddy!

Zeñorita: Mamá! Papi!

Apple Bloom: Applejack!

Sweetie Belle: Rarity!

Scootaloo: Rainbow Dash!

Connie: Daddy!

Eevee: Mom! Brian!

[They all hug their parents]

Princess Luna: Thank godness you're safe!

Brian: Are we glad to see you all are safe!

Sylveon: I was so worried.

Applejack: Where have y'all been. We done been searchin' fer' ya everywher'.

Rarity: Yeah.

Fishlegs: We've out searching for Snowdrop's Mother.

???: You didn't had to find me.

[then Primrose' spirit appears]

Hiccup: Miss Primrose!

Yuna: Where were you?

Primrose: I was at the desk.

Tuffnut: Desk?

Astrid: That, Gobber!

Human Rainbow: What desk?!

Snoutlout: Yeah! Your letter said that you were going to Doom! [takes out the letter]

Primrose: No, it said: "Dear Snowdrop I'm not going to be here tomorrow. Because I have a meeting at Desk, I will be back at the after noon. Signed, Primrose".

Astrid: We came all this way for nothing?!

Hiccup: Afraid so.

Primrose: [looks around] Wait, where is Snowdrop?

Astrid: [gasps] Oh, Mss Primrose. I ddon't know how to tell you this, but, the Cloggersaurus got her.

Primrose: The what?

Cloggersaurus: [growls]



Skyla: Here it comes!

[But it shows it was Rexy!]

Skyla: Rexy?

Rexy: Hi, little ones.

Blythe: Rexy, what are you doing here?

Rexy: I was looking for you.

[Our heroes watch as Rexy is growling at Blythe]

Yuna: Sometimes, I wonder what that T-Rex is saying.

Sunil Nevla: Did you see the Cloggersaurus?

Rexy: The Clogger-what-now?

Pepper Clark: The Cloggersaurus! It's nasty, and it did horrible growling sounds.

Rexy: [chuckles] No, Pepper. That was me calling for you.

Zoe Trent: Wait, you did the growling sounds?

Rexy: Yeah.

Zoe Trent: [faints in surprise]

[We go back with Snowdrop]

Snowdrop: Help! Someone get me out of here!

[But she hears Rexy's growling]

Snowdrop: Or maybe 2!

[she backs up but then bumps into something]

Snowdrop: Huh? [looks back and uses Force vision to see it's the predator!] [gasps] THE INVISIBLE MAN!!!!! [she starts sliding back] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! [bumps against a crystal]

[the Predator then deploys it's bladed knuckles]

Snowdrop: [takes out a Colt Detective Special Revolver and fires at the Predator]

[But the Predator blocks the bullets with his wrist blades]

Snowdrop: Uh, oh.

[Then the Predator starts slowly he begins to take his mask off, which reveals he's an alien!]

Snowdrop: You are one ungly alien.

Predator: ROAR!!!!!

Snowdrop: [continues shootiung at the Predator till her gun outs out of ammo] Bad idea.

Predator: [slaps her]

Snowdrop: Ah!

[she then uses Force vision to the Predator who then takes a out a stick. Which is a electro staff!]

Snowdrop: [uses her force vision] An electro staff!

[she then draws and activates her own custom lightsaber with a snow white colored blade]

[Soonthe 2 charge and they begun to clash!]

[the clash echoes around the cave]

Nightstar: [her ears lift up and she looks to the side]

Yuna: That's Snowdrop! She's still alive!

Primrose: Hurry! Get her out of there!

Yuna: Right away!

[the riders hop on their dragons and follow the sound]

[back with Snowdrop and the Predator. The 2 kept clashing]

[but then she shocked her]

Snowdrop: GAAH!!!

Predator: [kicks her]

Snowdrop: Uh!

[then the Predator is about to kill her, when suddenly..]

Nightstar: [roars as she fires a plasma blast at the Predator]

Predator: ROAR!!

Snowdrop: [deploys her lightsaber]

[Snowdrop then jumps in the air]


[Soon the saber is impaled to the Predator's heart and he dies]

Snowdrop: [panting]

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