Revenge of the Xenomorphs
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Directed by

Hiatt Grey


Nicole Oliver
Seth MacFarlane
Erica Schroeder
Tony Sirico
Ashleigh Ball
Tabitha St. Germain
Martin Sherman
Tara Strong
Andrew Francis
Britt McKillip

Music by

Various composers

Production company

Hit Entertainment
Hiatt Grey Productions

Distributed by

20th Century Fox

Release date


Revenge of the Xenomorphs is another season 1 movie of Brian and the Eeveelution Family's Adventures Chronicles.


Several weeks have passed since Pranks, Jokes, and Xenomorphs. But our heroes are still shaken by the events. But now, technology is getting better, and so are firearms and lightsabers. But that all change, during a summer break, an Xenomorph queen from the future has open a portal to the present and a group of ships have surrounded the world! And to make matters worst of all, they are planning to eradicate human life, and make Xenomorphs rule the world! Can our heroes stop them before their world is destroyed?


Opening/A New Life

The film begins with flashbacks with our heroes' previous encounters with the Xenomorphs, and it ends with an Xenomorph screeching in the background. Till Zoe wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream. Gail asks her what's wrong, but Zoe says it was nothing. Soon it shows that she, her, Blythe, and the rest of the gang are having a vacation in Hawaii. And it also shows what the others are doing after the final battle with the First Order. Peter and the guys are making money with boxing matches, Rarity has opened up her very own fashion show, and Brian and Sylveon start finding out secrets of the Xenomorphs at a base called. "The X Base", it was build by Mayor Lionheart to keep the Xenomorphs locked in for finding out their ways.

Box matching

Meanwhile with the guys, Peter, Quagmire, and Joe are cheering on for Cleveland as he challenges a difficult appoment, and they both do insults with their moms. And Cleveland wins and Peter states that there rich and kisses the money, and laughs.

With Brian and Sylveon

Meanwhile, Brian arrives at Australia with a Wolf squad to examine a strange ship. But to his surprise, Sylveon was there. Along with Judy, Nick, and Buttercream! And she says she want's to learn more about the ship too, and Judy takes them to the ship. And it was massive. And Brian cuts a hole in it, and went inside. It was very dark, till they heard a beeping sound, and it showed it was a distress message. Witch confuses the others, however in the future, it revealed that the ship belonged to the Xenomoprhs! And the Xenomorph Queen (who had survived in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventures of Aliens), created a new Xenomroph army and they prepare to head to the present.

The unidentified spacecraft crash lands

Soon, everyone gets a strange signal and went to check it out. And it showed it was a spacecraft completely unknown to our heroes. Captain Emerald suggests to Princess Celestia that they need to destroy it, if it's a threat to the planet. But Brian says that it couldn't be a threat, but a spacecraft that needs help. But Captain Emerald refuses to listen to Brian. And Princess Celestia tells her men to get ready the Ion Cannon, and they point at the ship. But Sylveon says that it might be someone who needs help. But Captain Emerald orders them to fire, so they did. And it made a big hit and crashed somewhere in the Earth! As everyone cheers. Brian points out the location to where it crashed, and it calculated that it landed somewhere in a strange tropical island. And he prepares to leave and get Zoe Trent with him, but Sylveon, Judy, Nick, and Buttercream come with him.

Meeting up with Zoe/Arrival at the unknown tropical island

Soon, after lading on Hawaii. They find Zoe (who was enjoying the tan and got other male dogs to go madly fall in love with her). And Brian tells her to come along, and says that they found a strange object on a strange island. But Zoe refuses after scolding him, that he ruined her tanning. Brian tried everything to make Zoe come with them, (by strapping dynamite on his chest that'll explode for 10 seconds, liminal messages that went to some hot girls, a Japanese hound, leap frog, a 40$ bill, and doing a strange dance) but it was no use. So then he ask Judy to give him her phone, and he plays "Dance Like You Know You Can", and Zoe couldn't resists. And Brian stops it, and says that if she want's to hear more of the song, she has to come with them. Which she did, and they begin to fly. And Zoe states it wasn't so bad, but Bran kicks down the fusion drive. And going at top speed. Soon they arrive at the island, and to our heroes surprise. There were no birds, animals, or insects. And they found the spacecraft at the beach, but soon they get another strange message. But it was bigger. And while Princess Celestia is telling everyone that the Fourth of July is only one day away, it is a time for celebration. But soon they all feel vibrations, and they looked up, and gasps.

The Xenomorphs arrive!

Everywhere around the world, giant ships the size of cities touched down, even where Brian and the others are. And Brian couldn't believe it. Soon Brian does a little research he discovers that there Xenomorph ships! And he quickly contacts them, and tells them that there Xenomorph ship. And then he makes another discovery, there planning to fire at 9:00 PM, tonight! So they've quickly brought the spacecraft inside there ship.

Time's up/Xenomorph takeover

But soon, it as 8:57, and the ships have opened up there bottoms and revealed large cannons. And Brian says "Time's up". And they fired down everywhere they are, Brian and his crew escaped and took off. And Princess Celestia, the other royals take off at the X Base, and Blythe and the others escape the destruction, the same thing did with Peter and the guys. And soon, a giant ship touches down in the whole entire Atlantic ocean and fires a laser in the sea, and begins drilling for something.

Explanations/The spacecraft opens

Soon, most of the survivors arrived at the X Base. But not Peter, or the guys, because they have been found unconscious by the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Babs, and Gabby. Back the X Base, Zoe enters a room and her throat gets wrapped around an Xenomorph tail and gets slammed on the glass, then Brian asks him if he can hear us. And he turns to him and uses Zoe's body as a vocal cord, and that he can hear him. And Brian asks him what's going on, then the Xenomorph laughs and tells him that she has arrived. With confuses the others, Brian asks him who is "she". But before the Xenomorph can explain, Judy shows him a drawing of the strange cube they've found on the beach, witch makes him screech in pain and chokes Zoe. Shining Armor asks one of the soldiers if that glass is bullet proof. The trooper says "No, sir". and they all fire and kill the Xenomorph then Brian tells the others to get a medic.

The cube explains the Xenomorphs' plan/Gearing up for battle!

Back with the guys, and the foals, they try to cheer them up, but to no avail. Then Gabby start crying, and fears the worst. Back with the others, they check out the cube, then Vinny turns it on! And then it speaks, and greets them. Twilight asks why it came to Earth, the cube explains that she came to warn them about the Xenomorph invasion. Then she scolds Captain Emerald for almost killing her. Then, Thomas asks why it came to warn them. The cube explains that the original Xenomorph Queen they've encounter, is still alive. And she knows the way of technology, the ways of blasters, guns, tanks, and ships. And they've came to Earth to destroy it, by drilling into the Earth's core! And change the future! So our heroes state that they have to stop them. But Captain Emerald tells them that they'll be no match for them, but Princess Celestia tells him that the Force will guid them. And Brian gets a battle idea.

The battle at the X Base/destruction of the Xenomroph Queen ship

The Xenomorph Queen lives!/Bus chase

Facehugger attack!

The Xenomroph Queen's death

The ships retreat/Victory


  • This film is based off of "Independence Day: Resurgence", with a mixture of "Independence Day".
  • This film marks it's first appearances of Captain Emerald.
  • This is when Zoe finally overcomes her fear over Xenomorphs.



  1. Pokémon 4Ever - The Iron Masked Marauder's theme (for the opening titles)