At Krystal's Home

She prepared to get dress today, and Peppy is helping her.

Peppy: Looks like you're ready.

Krystal: Sure is. But why is Fox look so nervous?

Peppy:  He's already have he's always shy side.


Fox look so nervous and our Heroes has arrived

Damemon: Hey, Fox!

USApyon: No Heartless and no Nobodies, Dani.

Whisper: I think they're close, though..

Shoutmon: Better watch out!

Fox: Oh boy.

Jibanyan: Why are you so nervous about?

Fox: I don't want to tell you. I have to be ready for this. And why are you here?

Gumdramon: The Nobodies' world has to be out there somewhere. We're looking for a way in.

Fox: Hope you will.

Naruto left and went off 

Whisper: Looks like he's in a hurry for Something.

USApyon: Well, we have to go see them.

They went to Building, and Slippy, Falco and Peppy are here

Slippy: I think we're made it, just in time.

They saw our Heroes arrived

Peppy: Looks like you're here too.

?????: Even for me.

They saw Shurimon behind them

Damemon: The Organization Digimon's!

Shurimon: You really don't know how to quit.

Jibanyan: Oh, really! We'll show you, nyan!

Fox: Leave us alone!

Krystal: No! Not today!

He Summon his Nobodies, and they Fighting them

Shurimon: I've come to take something you hold very dear.

Fox look so angry

Shurimon: Yes. Let's you angry grow...

He disappeared, they are fighting the Nobodies 

Shoutmon: Fox! We have to get rid of them first!

They defeated them

Gumdramon: That's all of them!

Komasan: But where's Krystal?!

Krystal: I'm over here.

Shoutmon: That's was close!

Whisper: I guess Shurimon didn't take away from her.

Fox Realize something he left the room, even Krystal

Gumdramon: What's the matter with them? Maybe Krystal wasn't the only thing precious to Naruto?

USApyon: Come on!

They went off to find out

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