This is how they came back to DC World in Ryan's Quest 2.

They are back in Gothem City and they saw Heartless coming attacking the Civilians

Ryan: We have to save everyone!

They saw Superman and the others

Ryan: Superman!

Superman: Oh. Robochap and Zoro.

Sora: That's Sora and Ryan!

Batman: Will you help a superhero or not?

Ryan: Okay...

They are fighting the Heartless and they defeated them

Wonder Woman: I wonder why they here again?

Batman: Well, it's seems that Laxm has returned and trying to take over the City.

Superman: It looks like you're right, we have to find him.

Sora: Let's go!

[They went off and they found him]

Laxm: How long you took since I abandon the name Mal?

Ryan: Out with it, Nobody, where's Meg, Kairi and the Others!?

Laxm: I don't know where they are. My boss Vixyner told me.

They are fighting him and thy defeated him and now he's fading away

Laxm: No... No! It's MY time, Roxas and Ranyx! MIIIIIINNNNEEE!!!!!

He's gone

Ryan: (Shivering) I don't want to remember him ever again.

Sora: At least, we save the City from him.

Ryan: Lucky us. It's time for us to go and find their Stronghold.

Batman: Good Luck.

They left this World

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