This is how our heroes revisit Danville in Ryan's Quest 2.

They are here in Danville and they saw all the Animals taken away except Perry

Phineas: Leave Perry alone!

They are chasing from the Robots

Phineas: Ryan! Sora! Help us!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Ryan: That was close.

Phineas: Thanks. Those Robots wants get all the Animal Agents.

Isabella: And it took Pinky away.

Baljeet: And my Turtle.

Sora: We have to find them. Let's go!

They went of and they find out Doofensmirtz is the one who took them

Phineas: Doofensmirtz?

Doofensmirtz: Hey, kids.

Isabella: Let Pinky and the Others go!

Doofensmirtz: Nope, take this!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Doofensmirtz: Curse you, Ryan the Techno-organic boy! [to Sora] And you too, Keyblade Boy!

Phineas: Well, at least we save the Animal Agents.

Ryan: Yeah. We have to go.

Ferb: Ryan? I hope you and your new friend find Cody and his friend. Good luck.

They left this World

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