This is how Our Heroes save England in Ryan's Quest 2.

[They are back in England and they saw the Twelve Doctor fighting the Cybermen]

Sci-Ryan: Doctor!

Twelve Doctor: Oh. Sci-Brian!

Sci-Ryan: Doctor! My name is Sci-Ryan.

Twelve Doctor: Can you help me from the Cybermen, please?

Sci-Ryan: Sure...

They are fighting the Cybermen and they defeated them

Twelve Doctor: That was close.

Sci-Ryan: Why is the Cyberman doing?

Twelve Doctor: It seems that Cybermen are going to invade the Earth.

Sora: We have to stop them.

They went off and they found the Cyberking

Cyberking: You have arrived.

Sci-Ryan: So you're planning to turn everyone into Cyberman are you?

Cyberking: Yes.

Sci-Ryan: Well, we can't let that happen!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Sci-Ryan: That takes care of that. I wonder if I can have an award for helping the Doctor?

Sora: Like what, Sci-Ryan?

Sci-Ryan: That Keyblade you got. Mind if I can hold it?

Sora: Um, sure...

Sci-Ryan: Wait! Let me check on something.

He grab the Keyblade and it vanished and now it's on Sora's Hand

Sci-Ryan: Whoa! That was cool. How did the Keyblade choose you, Sora?

Sora: Don't know. But, I think it appears when I was on the islands.

Ryan: Well, Guys. Looks like Sci-Ryan could wield the Keyblade someday.

Crash Bandicoot: What do you mean, mate? I could have a Keyblade too.

Ryan: I think Sora and Sci-Ryan are kinda alike. Do you think it's right?

Sci-Ryan & Sora: Or Not?

They laugh and they left this world

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