This is they came back to Hill Valley and find the Time Machine in Ryan's Quest 2.

[They are back in Hill Valley and they saw Marty picking up all the Parts]

Marty: Hey, guys.

Sora: What are you doing.

Marty: Picking up for Doc's Inventions. Doc's need those.

Ryan: And aren't you supposed to be in School?

Marty: Already did. Now, help me.

They carried all the Parts for Doc and they went back to his house

Doc: Where did you find them?

Marty: Around Hill Valley.

Doc: I see. But those are the Part for my Time Machine that has been stolen.

Sora: What!? The Parts from Time Machine?

Marty: It has been Stolen!?

Doc: Yes. Someone who took it from me, while I was sleeping.

Ryan: Who took it?

Doc: Don't know, but we have to find the Culprit.

Marty: Then let's go find him.

They went off and they found the Delorean from Xigbar

Xigbar: Uh oh!

Doc: So you are the one who took my Time Machine!

Xigbar: Yep!

Ryan: Give it back to him!

Xigbar: As if, but how about this?

He summon a Giant Nobodies,they are fighting it and they defeated it

Xigbar: Good job, and bye!

He disappeared

Doc: Who was he?

Ryan: A Member of the Organization 13, we have to find their Stronghold and stop them.

Marty: Hope you will.

Sora: Don't worry, we stop them no matter what.

Doc: And, Ryan? About your brother. You will find him. Trust me. It's my vow.

They left this world

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