At Isla de Muerta

Black Coat person is looking at the chest

Back to our Heroes 

They are back in town

Whisper: They're coming from the Port. Let's check it out.

They went to the Port and they saw Dexter fighting the Undead Pirate

Damemon: Dexter?

Dexter: Damemon! You guys are here!

Damemon: Wait, Dexter! Where is Jak?

Dexter Will you help me or not?

Damemon: All right.

They are fighting the Undead Pirate and they defeated them

Whisper: Those pirates were cursed again. I though we'd see the last of the curse of the Aztec gold.... what's happening?

Dexter: Someone who must have took it.

They look at him

Dexter: What are you staring at me? Oh, you thought it was me. I didn't took the Gold from that Cave.

Keira: Dexter! Gumdramon!

They saw Keiro

Shoutmon: Keiro!

Dexter's Mind: Does she always worried me?

Keira: Dexter! We have to go! The cursed Pirates has returned. Jak had to find out why... he went to Isla de Muerta, to check on the Aztec Gold And there's something happen. Around the ocean. So we have to find Jak!

Dexter: I think you should wait for me to return, best do it, alone.

Keira: What? On your own? Sail to the island and take of the Cursed Pirate by yourself?

Dexter: Well, if any Heroes could...

Shoutmon: Are you sure, he's in trouble?

Keira: But he's been gone too long I want to come with him. But he said that he had to do this alone. And I don't want him to get hurt! I have to know if he's alright!

Dexter: Oh boy...

Keira: Come on, Dex. I need to go with you.

Dexter: Fine, but first, I want some reward from Gumdramon and his friends.

Keira: A reward? From them?

Dexter: Yep. They saved us from those cursed Pirates. Alright. Let's go save Jak.

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