They are back in Lunatea and wondering around

Whisper: I wonder how everybody are doing?

USApyon: Hey, look!

They saw a Black Coat Person and he ran off

Shoutmon: Wait!

Klonoa: Shoutmon!

They saw Klonoa and his friends come

Shoutmon: Guys! Look, we have no time.... we gotta catch that guy.

Lolo: We're following him, too.

Jibanyan: Then let's go.

They are going to the Black Coated Person and they saw him going to the Summit, they are following him and he's gone

Popka: Where did he go?

Lolo: Looks like got away.

Whisper: Why did you and your friends are after somebody from the Organization 15 Digimon?

Klonoa: Who were they?

Shoutmon: Bad Digimon. Who's wearing a Black Coat.

Klonoa: I knew it! There's a rumour in the Lunatea about a spy in black, lurking in the mountains.

Lolo: We've been up here tracking him, but when you arrived, we lost him.

They look kinda Guilty 

Whisper: Oh... we're so sorry.

Klonoa: Don't be sad, okay? But I do wonder where he went.

They heard noise and they saw many Heartless

Jibanyan: What!? Them again!? (Sigh) Not today.

Shoutmon: Alright. First thing, first!

Then are fighting the Heartless, and then Shoutmon saw a Black Coated Person

Shoutmon: Hey! Don't ever sneaking around like that!

He pointed behind him and there are Heartless, He is fighting the Heartless and the Black Coated Person, then the Black Coated Person ran off, and Shoutmon know who it was

Shoutmon: That Digimon... no way... why.... would he? Psychemon...

Then the Other arrived

Gumdramon: Shoutmon, are you okay?

Shoutmon: I'm fine.

Komasan: Did you found him.

Shoutmon: I did... but... he ran off.

Jibanyan: What!? You lost him!?

Shoutmon: So then... what should we do now?

Whisper: First, we have to get rid of the Heartless first.

And then they heard a rumbling sound

Popka: What was that noise?

Klonoa: Come on, we better get off the mountain!

Shoutmon: Right.

They left the Mountains and they saw a Heartless Dragon going to China

Lolo: It's heading to the Kingdom! We have to warn everybody!


Guntz got Knocked out by a Black Coated Person and then the Black Coated is talking to the High Priestess

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