They are back in Bricksburg and they saw everybody fixing the City

Ryan: I wonder what happened here?

They saw Emmet and the others

Emmet: It would take a whole day for us to fix everything in Bricksburg.


Ryan: Hey, guys!

Benny: Hi, everyone. It's great these you again.

Ryan: Yeah. What happened?

Emmet: Last Battle from Lord Business. And we are restoring the Town for what he did.

Ryan: I see.

Then Bad Cop arrived

Bad Cop: Guys! Don't let him get away!

Ryan: What do you mean?

Bad Cop: I can't believe! Lord Business got away, while we were having break!

All: Lord Business!?

Bad Cop: Yes, he has been escape. And now he went to Cloud Cuckooland to destroy it

Unikitty: My home!? I can't let him!

Bad Cop: We sure to stop him!

They went off and they found him

Lord Business: Look who's here.

Emmet: What are you trying to do!?

Lord Business: I'm trying to destroy Cloud Cuckooland.

Ryan: We can't let that happen!

They are fighting him and they defeated him and now he got arrested

Ryan: Looks like you got your Just disserts.

Bad Cop: Phew, at least we save the town

Emmet: Yeah, we are.


Emmet: Good luck, and Sora, Ryan. About those friends of yours... Don't give up, you'll find them. Believe me.

They left this World

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