At Steward Office

He is using the machine for his creation and it doesn't work

Steward: Hmm.... there's something wrong, with that thing. I better go check on the Blueprint.

He look at the Instruction and he heard something behind, he bring out he's ray gun and he got knocked out


Our Heroes is at the Forest and he saw Falcon carried the Gadget

Falcon: You're here.

Damemon: What's with all those Gadget you carried?

Falcon: I am return those Gadgets back to phoenix. I have have to back it to Big Blue.

Gumdramon Aren't you gonna go to Race?

Falcon: I already did. I have to return those Gadgets back.

Shoutmon: As long as you want to make some more with him.

Falcon: Shoutmon. We are returning those. So help me carried those.

Minutes later

They put all the Gadgets to Phoenix

Phoenix: What are these?

Falcon: These are your Gadgets.

Phoenix: Where did you find them?

Phoenix: Around the Forest. I do know that you need those to fight crime.

Phoenix: I see. This must the Gadgets that has been stolen.

All: Stolen!?

Damemon: From who?

Falcon: Don't know. And it wasn't Jody.

Phoenix: What about you?

Flacon: I didn't steal them. I was just helping you. But if you don't believe me, then we'll just have to find out who stole them!

Phoenix: Fine, Falcon. You better find him.

Falcon: I will! Everyone! Let's go!

They look down and they heard a noise coming upstairs and it was Blood Falcon and he was checking the Gadget

Blood Falcon: Not this. Or that. Maybe this one... Nope.

Jibanyan: Hey!

Damemon: So it was you, Blood Falcon!

Blood Falcon: What do you mean?

Falcon: You stole the Gadgets haven't you?

Blood Falcon: It wasn't me! But if you found me, let's fight!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Damemon: Alright. Blood Falcon. Why did you steal the Gadget from Phoenix?

Blood Falcon: I told you, I didn't steal them.

USApyon: Then why are you here, Dani?

Blood Falcon: I want to find the Gadgets that makes me have a good luck. But I search every Gadgets I know. Well, I better go home. See you later, Falcon.

He left

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