This is how Revisit Ninjago World and Defeat the Overlord goes in Ryan's Quest 2.

They are back in Ninjago City and they saw the Heartless attacking the People

Ryan: Looks like there's trouble.

Sora: Let's go!

They went off and they saw Jay and the others.

Sora: Jay!

Jay: Oh. Dora and Brian. You're here!

Sora: That's Sora!

Ryan: And Ryan! Get it right, Jay!

Jay: Oh. I get it. Sora and Ryan!

Ryan: Alright! Alright!

They are fighting the Heartless and they defeated them

Ryan: That was close.

Sora: Yeah, but those Heartless re different to us.

Zane: Yes. The Overload is using them, and he came back to life thanks to Exon.

Jay: We got rid of him, but he still come back to Ninjago. And we have to find him and the Overload.

Sora: Let's go!

They went off and they found him and the Overload

Exon: At last. Sometime that Ryan and Sora have arrived for the single moment.

Crash Bandicoot: Ok, Exon. You mind to take that hood off?

Exon: Fine.

He takes off the Hood and his head looks like Dr. Neo Cortex

Exon: So you're here to stop our Plan.

Ryan: That's right! If you were trying to make Kingdom Hearts, we'll stop you!

Exon: If you want too? Then fight us!

They are fighting him and the Overload and they defeated them

Exon: Oh... This is a most epic battle I had.

Then he's fading away

Exon: We will meet again, Crash Bandicoot. Wait. Did I just say that? Never mind. Take care of Ranyx and Roxas for me, Sci-Ryan.

He vanished

Sci-Ryan: What a weird guy.

Evil Ryan: I don't understand who Roxas and Ranyx is.

Sora: But at least we got rid of him.

Ryan: Yeah.

Jay: You're journeys not end yet?


Jay: Well, just be be careful from danger.

Sora: We will. Bye.

They left world

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