At Isla de Muerta

Black Coat person is looking at the chest

Back to our Heroes 

They are back in town

Wile: They're coming from the Port. Let's check it out.

They went to the Port and they saw Luffy fighting the Undead Pirate

Ace: Luffy!

Luffy: Ace! You guys are here!

Ace: Wait, Luffy! Where are your crew members?

Luffy: Will you help a captain or not?

Ace: Okay.

They are fighting the Undead Pirate and they defeated them

Ace: Those pirates were cursed again. I though we'd see the last of the curse of the Aztec gold.... what's happening?

Luffy: Someone who must have took it.

They look at him

Luffy: What are you... Oh, you thought it was me. I didn't took the Gold from that Cave. And Nami didn't steal the Aztec Gold again.

Nami: Luffy! Ace!

They saw the Strawhat Pirates

Ace: Nami! Sanji! Zoro! Brock! Franky! Chopper! Robin!

Sanji's Mind: I told Luffy not to wonder off.

Nami: Luffy! We have to leave!

Robin: The cursed Pirates has returned. Usopp had to find out why... he went to Isla de Muerta, to check on the Aztec Gold.

Brock: And there's something happen. Around the ocean. So we have to find Usopp.

Luffy: Okay, but we need to get some food first.

All: We're heading out you, idiot!

Luffy: Alright. The rest of you will wait for me to return, best do it, alone.

Sanji: Alone? Really, Luffy? Sail to the island and take of the Cursed Pirate by yourself?

Luffy: Well, if any pirate could...

Ace: Are you sure, he's in trouble?

Franky: He didn't use our Vehicles on our ship. But he's been gone too long.

Chopper: I want to come with him. But he said that he had to do this alone. And I don't want him to get hurt! I have to know if he's alright!

Luffy: That Sniper...

Zoro: Come on, Captain. We have to go.

Luffy: Wait a minute! I want some reward from Ace and his friends.

Zoro: A reward? From them?

Luffy: Yep. They saved us from those cursed Pirates.

Luffy: Alright. Let's go save our Sniper.

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