this is how our heroes save Springfield in Ryan's Quest 2.

They are back in Springfield and saw Everyone leaving Springfield

Ryan: What's going on?

They saw Homer and his Family's coming

Homer: Everyone is leaving Springfield, because the Heartless has taken over the City from Black Coated Person named Luxord.

Ryan: Him again!?

Bart: Know him?

Ryan: Yes, long time ago.

Lisa: We want to stop him, but there are too many Heartless.

Sora: Well, it's a good thing we're here to stop them.

Bart: If you guys go? We'll come with you.

They went off and they found him

Homer: Found him!

Ryan: Get him!

Luxord: Parley!

Marge: What did he say?

Homer: Parley? What's that?

Lisa: It's a bit of a pirates' code. Anyone who invokes "parley" must not be harmed 'til negotiations are complete.

Bart: Lisa, there's no time for that Pirate Code.

Lisa: Well, we have no choice, but rules are rules.

Luxord: I have to say I'm sorry for hurting the People from your world, so we have to take over leaves.

Homer: So, that mean you can leave Springfield with all of those Heartless?

Luxord: First a Souvenir for a Memory.

He toss the Keycards to the Nobodies

Goofy: Oh no! We can't stop the Nuclear Power Plant, unless we get 4 Keycards!

Crash: Looks like I could teach you a lession in what happens if you cross me, Luxord.

Luxord: Oh, Crash Bandicoot?

They saw a Giant Heartless and they running away, after they got away they saw the Nobodies with the Keycard

Crash: Sora! Ryan! Homer! Look!

Homer: A Keycard! Get it!

They are fighting it and they got the Keycard

Homer: Three more to go.

Ryan: How did you know there are four?

Homer: I saw it, when he throws to his goons.

They went to get three Keycard and they got them

Sora: That's four Keycards, we got them all.

They went off the Nuclear Power Plant, they are fighting the Giant Heartless and shut down the Nuclear Power Plant

Sora: We did it.

Ryan: Not yet.

Luxord took the heart

Luxord: Sora, Ryan, Bravo!

He disappeared

Homer: Who was he?

Ryan: He's one of the member who wants the Heartless, we have to find their Stronghold and defeat them.

Crash: Phew. The town is safe again. I need an award or something, Sora.

Sora: What will it be, Crash?

Crash: That Keyblade Ryan's got.

Ryan: If you say so.

He show his keyblade

Crash: Ok. I hope this is nice. I'll give it a try.

He grab it and it went to Ryan's Hand

Crash: Amazing. That... was... the coolest thing I ever hold. I hope I can get a Keyblade, Ryan.

Evil Anna: Well. I think Crash could wield a Keyblade like Ryan and Sora someday.

Donald: Why's that, Evil Anna?

Evil Anna: Because he and Ryan are look-alike.

Ryan & Crash: Or not?

They Laugh and left this World

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