This is how our heroes defeat Sonic Sprinter in Ryan's Quest 2.

They are back in this World

Ryan: Hmm, I wonder what's going on?

Donald: Look!

They saw Sonic Sprinter running

Ryan: Wait!

Codylight: Guys!

They saw their friends coming

Ryan: Codylight? Look, we have no time, we have to catch that guy.

Codylight: I'm following him too.

Donald: Then let's go!

They went off and they found him

Sonic Sprinter: You caught me.

Ryan: What are you doing?

Sonic Sprinter: Spoiler alert. I was bluffing about my reforming. I don't want to rule Nevada. I want Cybertron and Equestria! And with my Heartless army provided to Vixyner, I'm going to get it!

Sora: We can't let you do that!

Sonic Sprinter: If you want to stop me, Roxas, then you have to fight me.

Evil Ryan: Let's do this, then.

They are fighting him and they defeated him and then he fading away

Sonic Sprinter: My spark is snuffed! I will have my revenge, Prince Ryan Prime and Roxas! Count on it!

He's gone

Codylight: What was that? And who was Roxas?

Sora: Don't know, but we have to find their Stronghold and put an end to them.

Ryan: Don't worry, you're friends will be back after we defeated them.

Codylight: Ok. Goodbye and good luck.

They left this world

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