They having arrived back in the Valley of Peace and Po fighting the Heartless

Po: I need some help!

Ryan and the others help him and they defeated the Heartless

Po: Thank you.

Ryan: No problem, Po.

Donald: So what are you doing?

Po: I went to see my dad, and then those Heartless appeared. From the Black Coated Person.

Sora: Organization 13.

Po: I heard that she going to the Jade Palace.

They went off and they saw her

????: Well, look who's here.

She take off her hood and it Rofsiax and her head looks like Bad Sofia from Sofia the First

Rofsiax: [giggles] I'm here, Ranyx!

Ryan: So what are you doing in the Jade Palace.

Rofsiax: I'm going to steal the Scroll. After that, I find out it was Blank.

Po: Yeah! I already did.

Rofsiax: Then let's fight!

They are fighting her and they defeated her

Rofsiax: How could I lose to you, Ranyx, Roxas, and a big, fat panda...

she fading away

Rofsiax: See you soon, Ryan, Sora. Xemnas and Vixyner would be please to have me. For my friend, Larxene...

She vanish

Ryan: That's the last of her.

Po: And one thing, Rofsiax didn't know, Ryan. I'm not a big, fat, panda. I'm THE big, fat, panda.

Ryan: I don't know, but thank goodness, we got rid of her.

Po: What will you do now?

Sora: We're going to find the Stronghold and put an end to them.

Po: Hope you can fight them.

Sora: Yeah. [to Ryan] That girl looks like Bad Sofia. But, if we ever see Meg and Kairi. Tell Kairi that I looked everywhere for her.

Ryan: Sora. If we ever see Cody and Riku again. I just hope my brother can come back home.

They left this world

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