This is how the scene for Rick O'Connel and Alex O'Connel compare their gun collections in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Alex O'Connell: [opens his trunk]

Rick O'Connell: What did do you now? Rob an armory?

Alex O'Connell: [takes out a Walther] Have you ever seen a Walther P38?

Rick O'Connell: Looks pretty anemic compared to the peacekeeper.

Alex O'Connell: Well, it's not about size Dad, it's about steminay.

Rick O'Connell: [scoffs] You want power? [walks over to his trunk and takes out a Thompson] I give you, Thompson submaching gun. 50 rounds a drum, 25 a mag. [imatates gunfire]

Alex O'Connell: Tommy's good, dad, but the cocking mechanism always jams. Here. check out the Russian PPS Personel Assult Weapon. Now, this is the future right here.

Mucker: Well you can have the guns you guys want to use. Oh, and by the way, Alex. Thompsons do not jam! They are really realliable sub machine guns. Sir Handel and Princess Luna uses the Thompson. Besides, the PPS-43 sub machine gun is built for cutting speed, it's got a rate of fire of 600 rounds a minute firing a 7.62x25mm caliber round. The Thompson fires a .45 caliber round at a rate of fire of 1500 round a minute, if the big bullets don't kill ya, you suffer lead poisoning.

Rick O'Connell: You know, it's experience that wins the day. It's not all about fire power.

Ed: That is quite a true point.