This is how Rick saves his son from being stabbed by the Dragon Emperor and how Percy saves Thomas, Twilight, Shining Armor, Cadance, Luna, and Celestia from being blasted by Megatron in Ed, Edd, n Eddy vs. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.

Qin Shi Huang: [throws a sword to kill Alex. But Rick pushes him and saves him but ends up with a mortal wound in his chest]

Alex O'Connell: Dad!


Johnathan: Run!

Alex O'Connell: Okay, hold it. Hold on there, Dad. All right, please, please, please, put pressure on it, okay, Dad?

Rick O'Connel: It's all right, it's all right. We've been in tougher scrapes than this .

Fix-it Felix: [hops over] What happened?

Rick O'Connell: I got stabbed.

[Then snow falls]

Johnathan: Avalanche!


Elsa: I'm on it!

Percy: [has just shot down some Changlings and then he notices Megatron about to blast Thomas, Twilight, Brian, Shining Armor, Cadance, Luna, and Celestia and they don't see him] (GASP)


Megatron: Now to finish you off, Celestia.

Princess Celestia: You wouldn't dare!

Megatron: Oh, yes I will. [he takes out his shotgun and points it at Celestia] You're so weak!

Thomas: [is just racing into view and sees his mentor about to be killed] NO!!

[Celestia turn her head away and shuts her eyes prepared for the worst]

Megatron: [cocks his shotgun and fires]

Thomas: [drives in front of Celestia at the last second and is hit] (as Optimus) AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! [he tumbles over cab over wheels]

Princess Celestia: [opens her eyes and her jaw drops as he sees her student tumble]

Rick O'Connell: [looks toward them when he hears the blast]

Twilight: [looks back and her jaw drops at the sight]

Megatron: [put his shotgun away]

Thomas: [tumbles over a feet more feet and then lands on his side]

Shai-Shay: [GASP]

Cadance: NO! THOMAS!

Percy: Oh no, Megatron got Thomas!

[flashback ends]

Percy: [in his mind] No, not this time! I must save them! [whistles] THOMAS! TWILIGHT! SHINING ARMOR! CADANCE! PRINCESS LUNA! PRINCESS CELESTIA!! LOOK OUT!! [he races forward]

Percy: [bumps into the back of Thomas, who then bumps into Celestia, then into Luna, then into Cadance, then Shining Armor, and finally Twilight. He then shunts them all out of the way.] YAH! [then is hit by 's blast] AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! [which sends Percy into the side of a building]

Pinkie: [gasp] PERCY!!

Thomas: Percy! NOOOO!!!

Twilight: Percy!

Shining Armor: Percy!

Cadance: NO! PERCY!!

[They race to Percy]

Pinkie: Percy!

Percy: [groans] What a pong!

Pinkie: Percy! ARE YOU OKAY?!

Percy: I'm alright, we've been through worst.

Pinkie: [starting to cry] NO!! PLEASE DON'T DIE!!

Steamy: You din'-dong, he ain't gonna die!

Mucker: Yeah, his big boiler and tank absorbed the blast.

Pinkie: Oh. [looks back to Percy] Don't worry Percy, you'll be okay. [is shedding tears]

Percy: I know, Pinkie.

Pinkie: [cries] Felix! CAN YOU FIX PERCY?!

Fix-it Felix: [takes a look] Sorry, I can't fix this.

Pinkie: WHAT?!

Percy: Why is that?

Fix-it Felix: This is outside my limits, watch. [he hits his hammer on the blast mark on Percy but nothing happens] See?

Pinkie: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! [cries]

Percy: I'll be fine Pinkie.

Applejack: You don't look fine, Percy.

[with the others]

Qin Shi Huang: [uses the snow to create tablets]

Ying: [gets a blade]

[Soon the Emperor loses balance and the avalanche makes its way]

Alex O'Connell: Help me! Help me!

Evelyn: Ying!

Alex O'Connell: Please help me!

[The avalanche hits]

Gordon: [seeing the wave of snow] Oh no.

Applejack: Watch out!

Toothless: [shields Hiccup]

Elsa: [quickly takes action and puts an ice shield over the whole group as the avalanche hits]

[a huge wave of snow covers everything in sight, some of it knocking the villains back]

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