Rigby (EQG)

Rigby (EG) is the human version of Rigby from the Cartoon Network show Regular Show who lives in the Equestria Girls universe with his friend Mordicai (EG).


When Ryan came with Thomas running for Princes of the Fall Formal, Rigby (EG) found out that they are running against Timothy. He decides to help get the Matrix to Thomas by helping Thomas and Ryan win the Fall Formal and win the Matrix. At the day of the Fall Formal, after Thomas gives the honor of Fall Formal prince to Ryan, he became happy and then found himself getting hypnotized by Cody's friend Sunset Shimmer, who had been turned into a raging she-demon by Twilight's crown. Rigby (EG) is then freed from Sunset's control by Thomas, Ryan, Crash and the Humane 5 and Twilight. Later, he remembers his sister and when he was born. He and his friends team up with the Rainbooms to win the Battle of the Bands and reform the Dazzlings and the Cyberlings.

Rivalry with Rothbart

In Odette's world, he saw Rothbart puts a spell on his sister and gets a bit angry. He declares Rothbart his rival because of what he did to Odette and vows to make him pay.

Relation with Princess Odette

When Rigby (EG) was born, he first saw his father, King William and his daugther, Princess Odette. He is presented to King William's kingdom that Odette and Rigby (EG) are the two heirs to the throne. After Rothbart's and Ryvine's banishment, Rigby (EG) becomes Odette's brother.

Relation with Alise


Rigby (EG) looks like Rigby from Regular Show, he has brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin and wears brown and silver clothes. He sometimes wear the outfit worn by the 8th Doctor.




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