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Rika is the type of person who, in the beginning of the series, hates Digimon and everything else. She wears a shirt with a heart that is spilt in two. Her Digimon is Renamon, which is a powerful Digimon with three Digi-evolutions. Rika takes Renamon's power when she orders Renamon to attack Takato and Gullmon. One day Rika, Kazu,and Kenta were zapped to a region of the digital world where there was a broken clock. Rika fixes the clock and gets attacked by Clockmon. Ryo shows up and defeats Clockmon, and Rika hates Ryo for helping them. Later she starts to open up to everybody. When the D-Reaper showed up, Rika started acting like a real team member. After the D-Reaper was defeaded, all the Digimon started Digi-deevolving. All the Digimon went back to the digital world, and Rika cried and cried. That proves she does have sweetness inside her. Note: In the original version of season three, Takato, Rika, Henry, Jeri, Kazu, and Kenta are 10 years old. The Fox Kids website for the US version, Jeri, had them at 13 (except Jeri, who they listed as 12) – but in "The Journey Begins," Yamaki's computer lists Takato as being 12. This is in-show and therefore should be taken over the website, so the age is spread to apply to all those who should share it.