Here is how Riptide and Victor Creed kill off Ironhide for his Transformium in G-Merl's Eternal Quest.

(we see Ironhide driving)

(suddenly, he is joined by other vehicles)

(realizing what was going on, he sped up to get away from the prototypes chasing him and firing upon him)

Ironhide: Prime, I'm under attack! I need back up!

Optimus Prime:(on comm device) Ironhide, what are your coordinates?

Ironhide: In Washington, D.C.

(he continues until he takes out some of the Robots when Ultron Sentries transform from motorcycles)

Ironhide: It's impossible.

Ultron Sentries:(throws something at him, forcing him to transform)

Ironhide: You made a huge mistake coming here, gentlemen.

(we see Riptide walking up behind him)

Ironhide: Leave now, while you still can.

Riptide:(creates a tornado and puts it behind Ironhide)

(the tornado knocks Hide down when Riptide flicks his hand up)

Ultron Sentries and KSI Robots:(fire at Ironhide)

Ironhide: What's wrong with you people?!(returns fire)

(Hide is eventually overwhelmed and Creed approaches him)

Victor Creed: He's mine now.(grabs a big flame thrower while Hide still returns fire and shoots it at him)

Ironhide:(falls to the ground while he dies)

(Hide's chest is severely burned and his fingers fall into burning metal pieces and his head rolls off)

Riptide:(to the AI robots) Take them to the lair, and scrap him down to make more Sentries.

Ultron Sentries:(nods and loads him up)

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