Pooh And His Friends & The Ranger Teens and The ETO Rangers. plan to plant saplings in the park with the help of leafy. Rita & Nyanma does some gardening of her own and kidnaps Leafy, by sending down the Octoplant seed. It blooms into the Octoplant, a monster hung up on its own appearance And Leafy Con Makes His Return


Octoplant Appears

Octoplant: I Am Octoplant Gaze Upon Me And Tremble

Rita: Now We Say

Nynama: GROW!

The Octoplant Grows

Dave Felis: Now Thats A Big Flower

Octoplant: You Puny Animals

Dave Felis: Puny Eh You Will See About That Right Guys

Jason: Right We Need Dinozord Power NOW!


The ETO Rangers Uses His Badge Beams To Call The Zords

Jason: Let's Do It

Jason: Log On

Activates The Dinozord Power

Jason: Rangers Let's Go

Zack: Yeah Ready To Kickin

Billy: On Line And Ready For Action

Trini: All Right All Systems Go

Kimberly: Let's Mulch This Flower

The Octoplant Attacks

Jason: All Right Rangers

Jason: Power Up Your Crystals

Jason: Hit It

They Begin To Form The Megazord

Jason: Let's See If You Hand This Mulchbrain

Bakumaru: Bakuretsu ETO Rangers! Forward

They Begin To Form The Megazord

Megazord Complete


Nyanma: KIRINDA!

Rita: Get It You Lousy SeedLover

Jason: Let's Finish Her


Leafy: I Don't Want To Miss That Fight

Bakumaru: Well I Think You Should Shapeshift Now

Leafy: Okay Baku, Leafy Shapeshift To LEAFY-MASTER!

They Begin To Attack

Rita: Look Behind You

Leafy.M: Surprise!

The Megazord Starts To Slash The Monster

Leafy.M: Goodbye Octoplant!

Rita & Nyanma Dismays

Nyanma: Oh No Why Us

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