Rita Loud vector image

Rita Loud is the mother of Lincoln Loud and his sisters.


Rita is caring toward her children, but is not afraid to punish them if they go too far. She and her husband act playfully romantic towards each other (an example of this is when they skinny dip into the hotel pool), though she is apparently more level-headed than him. An example of this is when she's concerned about Lincoln playing video games too much and tells him to do some sport outside as shown in "The Loudest Yard".

She dreams to be a novelist but initially seems to lack a creative side, as she wrote a story about a bored dental assistant talking to her fish before being inspired by Lincoln to write about a thrill seeker with white hair, himself.

She's usually a good parent but two times she was shown as an abusive parent as in "April Fools Rules", she agreed to lock Luan in a crate to prevent her from pulling harmful pranks, in "No Such Luck", she believed Lincoln is bad luck so she expelled him from the house and disowned him by selling his furniture like she didn't expect him to return.


Rita wears a pink shirt with a white collar and cuffs, and purple pants. She has big blonde hair and white earrings. She also wears blue eye shadow and red lipstick. She also wears black low tops, similar to Sue.